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More About Reaper: 4 Reasons I Love It

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 19 - 2008

Happy Friday All…

Vocal sessions are going now!~ I have stated that this area of engineering has not been my favorite. Out of all the things I do in music, I guess this where I needed the most practice.

I’ve done vocal recording a lot using several different programs and even a Tascam 8 track disc recorder.

When it came to lining up hooks and all the small clips, it seemed to take me forever lol. Although many programs have vertical guidelines at beginning of the bars, sometimes it would still take a few minutes to line up several waves.

I introduced Reaper Software about two weeks ago:
Reaper My New Favorite Software

Some things I appreciate about Reaper are: # 1 Sound Quality , #2 Easy Options For Midi,Rewire, and Vst/Vst Instrument plugins. In comes the #3 reason I am loving Reaper. It is so easy to line up elements of the song. Reaper has guidelines at the beginning of the bars, and smaller guidelines in between. Here are images of a couple songs in Reaper. You can also see some amazing color and how the wav form looks on screen. My #4 Reason for loving Reaper? The artist in me loves the visuals :-):

Pretty nice huh? The more I use it the more I love it. Let’s take a look at a few videos of Reaper in use. I just found these, I’ll watch with you, then get to mixing some beats for updates…enjoy

Image Freeze by Tallisman Reaper Videos On Youtube: *I did start this one..check out Tallisman’s enthusiasm… this guy is funny*

How To Rewire Reason4.0 To Reaper byIntime Youtube Channel part 1

How To Rewire Reason4.0 To Reaper by Intime part 2

Download Reaper Demo:Reaper Demo Download

Happy Beat Making All
Pz Til Later

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5 Responses to “More About Reaper: 4 Reasons I Love It”

  1. mista cee says:

    i chose the path to my vst. but i cant find where to load it up.

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Mista Cee..good question I will post on this Monday or Tuesday morning…check back,the post will explain…pz til later

  3. mista cee says:

    Ok.Good cuz i got so worked up on trying to set the dang thing that i lost interest in it for now-thanks.

  4. Sohrab says:

    Dude, your reaper is OLDD! check out reaper v3.2 ! You’ll love it.

  5. Ms.Tris says:

    Sohrab ..dude my Reaper is never OLDD!< lol updates are sent automatically.. this post is from Dec 2008...I have 3.2

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