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Fl Studio Time Stretching

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 4 - 2008

A lot of people have asked me how to time stretch in Fl Studio. Time stretching changes the speed of an audio file with out affecting the pitch. This technique is used heavily in hiphop for sampled beats.

There are many software editors that have the function such as Adobe Audition. Fl Studio developers have made it fairly easy, adding a few presets to get you started. I must note that Fl Studio Slicer will also do time stretching, between the two I think this way is easier if you are just getting into it.

Here is a video from Future Producers that walks you through with a very familiar sample:

Happy Beat Making To All
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2 Responses to “Fl Studio Time Stretching”

  1. beattle says:

    thanks for the post, but i want to ask you about the opposite of this. which is how to sample single hits at different pitches without having to stretch the sample like an mpc would do. i have been wanting that sound but everytime i try to play a single hit using fl studio, they just speed up or slow down-thanks

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Beattle… I am not sure what you mean… If you are sampling say a piano sound from a keyboard like a motif for use in fl studio at different pitches. You would hit each key on the keyboard going up the scale, sampling one at a time…

    OR use an audio editor like Adobe Audition, Soundforge, wavelab, etc and go to the “pitch” plugin and change the pitch manually as many times as needed…Hope this helps , hit me back if you need more info…

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