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Answering Questions From Recent Comments

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 17 - 2008

Starting off today with some answers to questions in recent comments. Thanks again all who are taking time to leave messeges…

…… First, I added the 3 kicks and then tried tweaking’em individually, but it tweaked them as 1 unit. For example, When i click to tweak the 2nd kick and tweak it, it would erase my prior tweak to the 1st kick and replace it…

This question is about the layered kicks in the Reason NNXT:
To adjust one layer in the NNXT you will have to hightlight 1 zone at a time, then tweak it . You could continue to tweak each layer this way, and have a totally new sound from what you loaded.

…..i want to produce kinda old-Kanye West style beats the ones he did for Jay-Z (pure east coast)…. what instruments would u recommend…..
Pierre F.

Back then Kanye was almost 100% sample based. Check out some old soul samples from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s…the possibilities are endless, but keep in mind that a lot of the greatest bands have been sampled over and over from those years. Try searching for that sound from imported groups from France for example… you’d be surprised how much soul music can be found from other areas which have never been sampled….



This question is about Fl Studio….
The only thing I really don’t like about Fl Studio is how much you have to tweak the instruments. The sound engine isn’t quite as good as other software in my opinion. I suggest you export all your sounds separately (track out the beat). Import your separated tracks into a multitrack program like Reaper, Sonar, Pro-tools or Adobe Audition and mix the final beat there.

Now there is a way to get a great sound inside Fl Studio. You must add each sample channel to a mixer channel. Before you begin your beat, try working with a lower overall volume setting on the main panel. I usually adjust mine to a little above halfway. Next leave the knobs on the actual sampler channel the same and use the mixer sliders to adjust volume of your seperated instruments.

Also pay attention to your peak meters while using you ears, this usually helps me from distorting the beats.

Here is a couple videos on mixing inside Fl Studio by Felas212 and HipKnokerZ:

I’m tryna make a Dirty South beat but I can’t find any Synth or good Dirty South sounds. I wanna find a good kit with a bunch in it so I can make a DJ Khaled type beat, for free! =) if anyone can help me out that would be coo, thanks.

wat are some good refills i can use for dirty south beats (e.g synths, brass)

Hey…Im new in Fl studio so i need a lil help,i need to know what vst synths should i use for hip hop?
DJ Joe

These are questions a lot of new producers need answered.. I even wanted to know this at one point. What I’ve come to realize? There is no specific answers honestly. What sounds good within the beat is what’s important. Although this is true, there are some popular sounds used within different genres of music.

Speaking about hip hop in general, the first songs were was born from samples. Samples taken from from James Brown, and Soul artist. What did the bands use to make the song? Aaaaah here you will find the answer. I flipped over some of the album covers from The Isley Brothers, and other folks I found hot samples from. They had a complete list of band members and what instruments they played. I wrote down all the instruments listed, and found that 90% of the time, bands where using a lot of the same instruments. Basic elements from the principals of music… Here is a key list of sounds dominant in all genres:

Drums, Brass, Strings, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Percussion, Wood Winds, and starting around 1968- ish Synthesizers

Any variation of the instruments above may work for your production. Try this, go to one of the sites listed in my download section: (you’ll find plenty freebies), go to the general categories on the sites, and choose one or two instruments from each those sections. This will give you a good instrument arsenal for your compositions.

A scenario for a Beat may or may not include all or some of the following, and even more:
Drums: Kick,snare
Brass: French Horns,Tuba, Trumpet
Strings: Violins
Guitar: Electric Guitar
Bass: Electric bass
Piano: B-3Organ
Percussion: crash cymbol, Hihat,tambourine
Synthesizer: lead synth

There are so many sounds used today, but most will play the role of those listed above. For Dirty South: brass, drums, organs, and software/hardware synthesizers have become some of the main ingredients.

You can choose any you like and tweak them to create your own sound.

Remember there are no rules to what sounds you should use. The rules only come in when thinking of how you use the sounds. The sounds will either be harmonious or sound completely out of tune. Go with what you feel and stay open to your own idea of what sounds good.

All comments have been answered here, or in the comments sections. If you don’t see your response here check the post… okay..I’m off to creating and mixing….take care

Happy Beat Making..and of course…
Pz Til later…..

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2 Responses to “Answering Questions From Recent Comments”

  1. Sherrod says:

    First off thanks Ms.Tris for this site. I refer to your site daily and it has been an asset to a newbie, such as myself. I have passed your URL to many of my partners and a associates. Your site is truly the truth and helps out individuals who are new to music production and new to Maschine as well as Reaper. I stand corrected new to any hardware or new software as your site covers a broad spectrum of both. I salute you!!!!!

    On to my ? I recently purchased the Maschine 1.6 version and purchased the license for Reaper. In addition I also viewed your post on routing the tracks to Reaper from Maschine and took advantage of free template THANKS 🙂 My question is this; with the way you routed the tracks from Maschine into Reaper will I have to have an audio interface with 8 outs? Again I am new to all of this and appreciate all of your help. I tried to find the answer on the maschine user community but was not successful. Please advise. Ohh yeah any reccomendations for a suitable audio interface is greatly appreciated. I say your views on M-Audio and such just wanted to know of one you personally recommend. Again good looking in advance. Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Hey Hey Sherrod..thanks much for commenting.. I responded by email…LET’ssss Go! 🙂

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