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Reaper: My New Favorite Software

Posted by Ms.Tris On November - 25 - 2008

Hey everybody! It took me a little while to get it going this morning… lol…. I’m so glad I didn’t turn on that playstation….on to the goodies..

Reaper is really nice… its bright, colorful, and most important sounds great. I’m not going to do a long write up because most of you know what it is. I will add that vst instruments work well, Rewire was easy, recording was a breeze… and the non-commercial cost is 50.00. Commercial price is 225.00.

(The right way to understand the pricing:…This means you can spend 50.00 start making the beats and hooks, and pay 175.00 later on when you are ready to make your money.)

I’ve had this installed forever, and I will purchase it very soon. The demo has no restrictions other than a reminder at start up, I am one who believes if you love it, use it enough, by it when you can….and 50 bucks?…..

I have tried almost every sequence software available…. I’m really leaning on this one being my main and Adobe Audition as the editor….still testing some things today..but I like it!

You can download the demo here:Reaper Download

A Few Reaper Videos


Reper fx : Refir

OpenLabs Intro to Reaper

The software comes with the Openlabs workstations Miko and Neko, this is actually what made me open the software and check it out after sitting on the pc forever… I was thinking ok Reaper must be hot if they installed the whopping $50 dollar software in a $3,000 workstation 🙂 ….

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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  2. Hey Ben thanks for stopping by.. you can add rss feed from the right side bar

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