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Keybe Writes: Screen Test.. Those Who Have Ears Let Them Hear

Posted by Ms.Tris On November - 12 - 2008

Hey all, what’ been up with you? I hope all is well and you are preparing for 2009. I’ve signed on for my second project which is based upon poetry. I am excited because the first one ” Screen Test… Those Who Have Ears Let Them Hear” by Keybe Writes, is coming swiftly to a complete wrap. We have been getting rave reviews, although it’s really been hush hush since we started. This is a mini intro, and you will hear a lot more from Keybe very soon, including full bio, song samples, and words of inspiration. After hearing a test copy of “Screen Test”, spoken word artist “CoCoa” from L.A via Colorado has hired me for her cd. Yaay!

I missed a few days of posting and always like to keep you filled in. Over the past weekend we started drafting the artwork for the Cd, and they go to duplication on Friday. I learned that producers must share a complete vision with the artist. Keep in mind that you may have a hand in giving ideas for artwork on your projects as well as music. Here is a sneak preview of our rough first draft for cover design:

Keybe Writes “Screen Test” is poetry and prose works over Hip Hop beats. We started while I was working on the set of “The Wire”. I learned a lot from working with Keybe. Not only were her work ethics superb, her writings touched my soul and inspired me. She had a vision and came well prepared. This made it a little easier for me being “Screen Test” is the first project I’ve done with more neo-soul/ R&B type hip hop. This is my third project as sole producer, and Keybe’s introduction to the world.

I’d like to remind you as I start production for the next, there are many options for your beats. Think lyrics, poems, T.V., and soundtracks. Always keep an open mind when creating your masterpiece!~ There are many option for your beats.

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til LAter…

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