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Bilal The Adventurer B-Bangin!!

Posted by Ms.Tris On November - 24 - 2008

I got up with my “mans -n- nem” (a few close friends 🙂 ) yesterday, and boy am I really feeling music and life right about now. I’ve been on this crate digging kick for a little while, almost a month to be exact. You ever get that feeling that you just wanna make some good ol’ classic boom bap hip hop?

There have been a few things fueling this return to the classics. Gee Wiz and the Speaker Boxin Beat Battle, Shaka Pitts Spitters Club, hooking up with artist who only do lyrical material…. all that and more. The one meeting that has just put the fire to the match comes with a story….


I met Bilal about 3 years ago at a battle. The host allowed him to get up on stage and make some announcements. He was wearing work attire and said he’d come to the show straight from the office. He told the Baltimore hip hop community that he had big plans for us, and for all to contact him for more details.

The details weren’t hard to find. In a blink of an eye, he was all over the city in his “Crush Force T.V” Truck. Bilal would be at every show, making power moves, and giving all local artist national shine. I was impressed by his grind. It seemed he was a “Force” that we needed to be involved in the B-more hip hop movement.

Full of surprises, I was watching a local television station and up pops Bilal doing interviews… lol
I thought wow this guy is really making some power moves. Every time he saw me he’d say ” I need some beats for the show”. I don’t know why I took so long, but we finally had a brief meeting at his office. I was very busy with music, and he was busy with his show. Time passed and we didn’t keep in touch :-(… matter of fact I stopped seeing Bilal as much at events. Later on folks were asking ” Where’s Bilal?”….. BILAL went missing…. was the word on the streets…….

Not …..
Two weeks ago, I was visiting StreetLegal Ent Studios and in walks Bilal! I was shocked….. Here is the kicker… since he’s been mysteriously missing, Bilal has recorded 4 albums, coached little league football, hosted an **underwater** show for children, been in the studio with Floetry, been to Africa, teaching classes,….. the list goes on….WOW again!

Talk about an inspiration. Bilal is doing positive hip hop, and helping children as much as he can. It’s like he’s found his calling, motivating our future leaders, cultivating a healthy mind state in our youth.
He has been traveling filling his mind and camera with wonderful things abroad. This allows Bilal to bring first hand cultural experiences to his classes. His next stop is China and you can help send Bilal for study. Please visit his site to sponsor or make donations. Every bit helps, and this is surely a worthy cause:

Help Bilal Study In China

I am excited to say, Bilal and I will be doing some music very soon. I ‘ll be sure to keep you posted. Until then, have a look at Bilal at work, and be inspired!~ I sure am..

Bilal The Adventurer

Crush Force T.V Common Interview

Bilal The Adventurer Myspace


Help Bilal Study In China

Pz Til Later!~

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