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Vocal Booth On A Budget

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 14 - 2008

I’ve had my mic for years, and I used to record vocal sessions a long time ago. I never really enjoyed recording vocals, but of course I enjoyed the results…completed songs. I’ve had many emcees wonder why I don’t run full sessions in my lab unless I have too. I am not fast at engineering sessions which means it takes me a while to cut and paste hooks, line up vocals etc. If you have ever recorded vocals you know it will involve many takes to get that platinum hit. My mind goes a thousand miles a minute lol, it’s hard for me to sit doing one thing over and over. I’ve grown to be more patient, therefore vocal sessions are becoming easier for me handle. Right now I’m a novice engineer. As a producer I want the final result to be great.. not just o.k. Therefore I don’t mind sending artist to engineers with more experience, and who love recording vocals. Honestly I’m beginning to love mixing, but there is quite a difference from recording vocals,and mixing the final songs.
Today I have a better grasp of vocal recording, and I’ve gotten much faster after learning keyboard shortcuts and techniques. It’s best for all producers to have an idea of how to record vocals. Be prepared to carry your production from a beat idea to a hit song. Let me give you a little scenario: Lil Wayne is in town for a concert. You go to an autograph signing and give him a beat cd. He listens to it on the tour bus while on his way to the arena. Of course you’ve got that fire and he loves track number 3. His people call you up like ” Hey (insert your production name here) Wayne wants to record this track tonight after the show. Can you make it happen?”

Well shucks..I’d sure like to be ready if that happened to me!~ 🙂 I’m going to get my make shift vocal booth ready, learn, practice and be prepared. The ingredients for my booth are: Small partition, acoustic foam, mic, mic stand, headphones, and music holder. That’s basically it. All you need for a vocal recording booth on a budget is a little isolation.

I bought a small folding partition from Target, and glued some acoustic foam on the outside. I cleared a corner in my lab and attached acoustic foam to the walls.

I’m still moving a few things to make it bigger, but it helps control the area of the acoustic space. Here is another view:

There are many things you can build a booth with. You could use a metal frame with drapes. You could hit up home depot for plywood and create a booth. Blankets are great for booth also. Here is another idea using a thick duvet and carpenters clips:

I found this with a full article about mic placement, and recording vocals on recording vocals
It doesn’t take much to build a booth, be creative and work with what you have. You can always add on to it as your budget increases…

Happy Recording..
Pz Til Later.

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