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Swizz Beatz Friday…

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 24 - 2008

How was your day? Mine was productive, I got a few beats mixed,and I made a new one. I actually wanted to make more, but I got caught up comparing the Mpc kick and the Fl Studio Kick. I winded up tweaking in Fl Studio until they almost matched as far as the knock factor. But Boy did time get away from me…lol..

I watched the BET award show last night. It was pretty cool, but I sort of missed Kat Williams :-(…
When the stage was filled, after Pharrell performed, Swizz Beatz got up there. It took me back to when Dmx came out with his first cd…. oh the memories..

A lot of producers don’t care for Swizzy but I think he’s real skilled, especially with the crazy drum patterns. Here are a few videos of him banging out on the Mpc.. The first one is a short interview..enjoy

Swizz Beats Interview Clip From ” How We Did It ..The Movie”
by:Dj Greg Street

2008 Swizz In The Lab With Cassidy Part 1

2008 Swizz Makes A Beat For Ludacris’s New Album

Have a Nice Weekend!
Pz Til Later

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2 Responses to “Swizz Beatz Friday…”

  1. rap says:

    Swizzy definitely has those drum patterns working overtime… Big Ups to Swizz beats

    underground hip hop

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Yes sir he does 🙂 …I was listening to some of your beats..very nice work!` Thanks for leaving a comment…

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