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Life 6:Back From New York

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 10 - 2008

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What’s up all… I’m back from a really nice trip to New York. I had company in town from L.A. via Aurora Colorado. When I lived in Colorado I met friends who later became like family. It was their first time to visit the East Coast. We had planned a day trip to New York which turned into a much longer stay.

I did most of the driving, and that alone was an experience New Yorkers drive Faaaaaast!~
I’ve been to New York several times, but never as a tour guide. I handled some retail business, visiting the wholesale district, and finding some great deals. We also hit many of the shopping areas and landmarks like Canal Street, The Empire State Building, and Greenwhich Village.

I think I’ve done more in the past seven days than I have ever done between Baltimore and New York. I must say that I was touched deeply at times. We were trying to reach the Staten Island Ferry, and winded up driving in a few circles. At one point there was a bit of aggravation as we turned wrong turn after wrong turn. I remember making a right down a little alley…and before I could yell at someone to look at the directions, I saw several people sitting on some steps gazing deeply across the street. We had reached “Ground Zero” with all it’s construction, cranes, and brown canvased fencing. It was an uneasy feeling as we all forgot we were lost. I slowed down and said a prayer. The light turned red, and we came to a halt. The car stopped in front of an opening, exposing a deep cavity; empty space, where two of the tallest buildings in the world once stood.The magnitude of the area was overwhelming, and eerie. Words can’t describe the emotions I felt, I had to park and get myself together. My heart goes out to my fellow Americans, and those who lost loved ones on 911. My eyes were opened to the reality of world affairs. I couldn’t help but think about other countries who continue to struggle for the freedom we have. It reminded me to be vigilant, and continue to help how, and when I can for the good of all people.

Now it’s time to get back to work. I know…. today I feel different. It is as if recent events have touched my soul. I want to remind you not to take life for granted. Be the best you that you can be, continue to express your talents. There is a lot of fear in many hearts around the world. To all the musicians, writers, athletes, and artist reading; your gifts are not yours to keep hidden. Share them with the world, you never know who needs some uplifting moments. If you are reading and say ” I don’t have a talent”, oh but you do…. we can all help each other through support, patience, and encouragement.

Pz Til Later…Be Inspired!~

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