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Easy Way To Learn Progressions

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 16 - 2008

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Yesterday I made up a little challenge for myself. I was back and forth early a.m., trying to settle on a sample type, or a composed beat. I finally decided to take one scale and some chord progressions, then make a few styles of hip hop. The light bulb immediately went off after writing down the scale and progression in my notebook….repeat..”after writing down the scale,and progression in my notebook 🙂

Music repeats itself, and what better way to learn than repetition. Now I ask those learning the chords with me to challenge yourself.

I’m going to start you off with a scale and some progressions, and later you can do this with them all if you choose.

F#Major Scale:

F#,G#,A#,B, C#,D#,E#(F)

F#Major Progression:

F#Maj,             l C#Maj,         l G#min,      l D#min,       l A#min,          

The 3 notes for each chord 

F# A# C#      l C# E# G#       l G# B D#         l D# F# A#        l A# C# F 


Notes on the keyboard:

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The Challenge: Choose three genres or styles of music, and make 3 beats using this scale and progressions. I am still working on mine but I went with a ‘ Dirty South beat’, ‘R&B Smooth beat’, and a ‘Pop beat’. I am trying to mix up the progressions, and make all the songs melodies extremely different. I’m not going to rush myself because I want to memorize the scale and chords as I’m working.

You don’t have to even do hip could do a Rock Song, classical, gospel, country… It’s up to you. By the time you finish… if you practice playing, and reading the notes.. I’ll bet you’ll learn the chords quickly…
Happy Chord Learning
Pz Til later

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  1. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Ethigo ..I appreciate the love..Thanks much

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