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Beginner Chords, Scales, and Progressions: A Closer Look

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 10 - 2008

I have my book open today: I must say it’s one of the best 7 bucks spent. I’ll be making a Dirty South beat in a few. I am beginning to really understand chord progressions finally. I’m leaning more, and more toward starting beats with chord progressions. For me, I find it easier to follow a chord progression with a melody rather than melody 1st, chords second. The book includes pictures of all the chords in one scale, for example:C Chords = all the major, minor, aug etc. with images of the root position, 1st , 2nd , and 3rd inversions.

In the beginning of the book are all the scales in each key signature.There are also pictures showing which piano keys make up each chord. There are letters printed on the keyboard, as well as a staff showing proper written notes.

Here is what the one of the chord pages looks like:

It’s super important to keep up with study and practice in order to learn various terms and modes of music. This is why I mention books and various music sites all the time. Recently, I’ve made a little schedule for myself, adding time for music theory at least 3 times a week.

Okay….. now…my book is open and explains a few key points on theory, but I’m still stuck at making my own chord progressions. In front of me are all the scales and chords, now what?…… I could use my (1) online charts and gather a few progressions or…..(2) I need to get an understanding of how scales and chords work together. I also need to understand how to build the chord, and why it’s major, minor, and all those other terms that describe a chord. Today I am opting for choice #2. The google queen 🙂 has found yet another site for all us newbies. It has easy to understand explanations, and it’s been really helpful this morning. The page was actually made for fretted instruments like a Banjo or guitar, but most of the same “theory” will apply to piano. I like the site for several reasons. They cover a wide range of theory/chords in order. They also bring it all together showing possibilities of where to place the chords with lyrics.


I really hope you are understanding my post on chords and theory. Remember I am learning online “with” you, as I learn I will post. The way I explain will change as I advance. I know how it is in the beginning. Terms like “diminished seventh” are like reading a foreign language. Be patient with yourself, and go at your own pace. Take a few days to learn from the sites linked, and after a while you’ll have music knowledge and vocabulary. Repetition will help you and I both, to commit the lessons to memory. You’ll also notice many different books, pay close attention to the ones I come back to in a post. They will be the ones I find easier to understand, or have on hand for further use.

Happy Theory Learning..
Pz Til Later…

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4 Responses to “Beginner Chords, Scales, and Progressions: A Closer Look”

  1. lou says:

    You stay diggin 4 real, good looks on the info, im telling you its like we have some lee majors going on cause this is exactly what i was looking for. MAJOR PROPZ!!!!!!!!!!!Peace Fam!!!

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Lou!~ I’m glad you can use the info… Hit me back let me know how you are coming along..also if you need to know something let me know..and I’ll get that “Bionic” search on for ya 🙂 stay up..pz til later

  3. Great info. I’m just starting to produce. Your info was very informative.

  4. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey to you Kodah the Diligent.. I am glad you could use the info. Thanks for taking time to comment..come back often..pz til later

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