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Mixing 2: Monitoring Your Music

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On September - 25 - 2008

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have a studio full of Genelec Monitors like this :

Town House Studios- London Featuring Genelec Monitoring system. Picture courteous

Well since I don’t, I have to make the best use of what I have. When I began producing I started with 49.00 $ pc speakers from staples. I would make beats that sound great in my lab, but in the car? I could hear all types of muffled kicks, and instruments that were too loud. On my path to a perfect mix, I learned that I need to “hear” differences in the frequencies of the sounds I use. I also realized my low budget Pc monitors just wouldn’t give an accurate response to certain frequency ranges.

After visiting several forums, I began to gather more knowledge about monitoring sound. I had no idea years ago how important studio monitors and headphones were. I finally invested in some Sony Mdr 7506 headphones, and I noticed a difference right away. The mix got a little better, but there were things that still needed fixing. I still use the Sony headphones but not for the main mix.

I am sure you have heard producers and engineers say “Don’t mix entirely through headphones”. I must agree with them. I had to learn the hard way, I continued to mix with my Mdrs, and I continued to wonder why does my kick sound crappy. One reason is, many companies make headphones for “enhanced” listening which usually results in a false representation of mid range/highs and lows. That means my kicks (low), and Snares/percs etc.(mid range/highs), were all sounding good but not accurate.

I finally bought a pair of KRK Rokit 5 powered monitors. They are not high end, but they were definitely a plus to my mixing environment. Now I am hearing a more accurate response to the frequency ranges of the kicks, snares, and other instruments. Before I started learning more about eq, compression, and effects, the monitors put me a step closer to a proper mix.

Good Studio monitors are in no way inexpensive. Prices can range any where from 300-5,000+dollars. Not long ago I found a pair of M Audio Studiophile Av30 monitors on sale for $89.00. I bought them for monitoring on the laptop. I love the little jokers :-). I’ve gotten a good mix using them while making beats mobile, and later moved them to my main setup in addition to the KRks. If you are on a budget, start with something small like the M Audio, and work your way up. By all means invest in your career and get some monitors, you will hear a difference.

Now you have an idea of how important it is to hear your music accurately. This is why all major studios, and home labs have ” Studio Monitors” instead of regulars speakers, pc speakers etc. Although this is a “before you get into the mix step”, it is an extremely necessary part of mixing.

Happy Beat making To All
Pz Til Later

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