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I’m Ready To Mix: The Introduction

Posted by Ms.Tris On September - 12 - 2008

Happy Friday to you. I’ll be on for live help a little later, I have a producer coming through for a 4 hour production session…so hit me up between 11:30 and 3:30 est. The next time I’ll be available is Tues. 9-16-08

This time last year I bought this mixer for my hardware. It’s a nice mixer but too pricey in my opinion, and I don’t like the way the Mpc kicks sound from it. I was going to sell it until engineer Mark Carey told me to dive into to the manual first. I did, and I’m getting better results because I took time to read and learn.

Here I am at one of the most important parts of music production,” The Mix”….sends chills just thinking about it huh :-). Ask any few engineers and they will all give different ways to go about mixing a song. Google it and you could spend months reading articles from the results. There are no set techniques. As we mentioned with music theory, there are some basic principles that apply to almost every genre of music when mixing. Once you begin learning the basics, and practice, it get’s easier.

I’m growing more fond of engineering, well at least the mixing aspect. I’ve been getting help from great engineers in my area, and will interview them starting next month. There is a lot to cover on the subject. I will post as I find different things, as I mix, and as engineers give me advise. This is the introduction to “Ms.Tris Mixing 101”. We’ll get to our awesome mixes together, remember I am learning with you….

One of my first steps to mixing is listening to mixes I like. Dr. Dre is known for his quality mixes,as well as production. So I took some time to check out ” The Chronic” paying attention to how things are panned, how the kicks and snares sound etc. This is used as a reference. Although I don’t own a million dollar studio, I can try to come as close as I possibly can, and compare things easily. This is also training my ear. By paying attention to top engineers, I can now hear my mistakes swiftly. In audio, knowing what a great mix should sound like is a must. Consider it like “planning a trip”. Know where you want to go with mix first, map out your route second.

There is one song that immediately comes to mind. I’ve never listened to it with headphones or through studio monitors until today, but I’ve played it in the car a lot. When this track plays in the club??.. Wow!~ The kicks are amazing….The song is: Freeway ” Flipside ft. Peedi Crakk” produced by Just Blaze.

Flipside ft. Peedi Crakk Snippet:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I think Just Blaze is the man when it comes to a knocking Kick, and cracking snare.

I also found the cool site of Industry Engineer ” Ken Lewis”. He has several samples to listen to, and a great blog I’ll be visiting often. I had no idea that one engineer mixed many of my favorite hip hop songs.

So over the next few days take some time to gather some quality references. Try to get the original cd instead of mp3s. There is a loss of sound quality during mp3 compression. Use your ears, listen to how the vocals sit, how things are panned, which songs have the hardest kicks and snares. Pick a few songs that you can use for a reference. Stay tuned for a lot more on mixing, and I’m adding the new ” Mixing” category now.

Happy Listening!
Pz Til later….

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