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Back To School

Posted by Ms.Tris On September - 2 - 2008

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Good morning all, I hope everything is going well. I am kind of on the last summer vacation this week, but I wanted to write a short post this morning for a little update.

I had a blast on the Eastern Shore of Maryland over the weekend. Family, friends, food and fun. I also took care of some official beat business. My cousins brother is managing a few artist. The Company is ” Marlo Inc.” One of his artist is a new R&B singer ” Smitty”. He’s been on the grind in NY with G-Unit, and you’ll be hearing alot from Smitty through DJ Rob E Rob. I was under the impression he was a rapper. They needed a club beat. I worked on it and it turned out hot. When it was time to mix the beat, it took me  All went great with our meeting, and Smitty’s going to make a hit!

When I checked in here,  producer Kaine had left a comment with questions about mixing. So next week I’ll dive into some mixing 101. Just in time for back to school, time to learn something new 🙂 …If there are any engineers who’d like to write a guest article feel free to hit me up though the contact page. I am getting better with mixing finally, but this is definitely an area in my production that I still need help.

I realize I need to be able to post when away from the lab, I’ll pick up a new smart phone on Friday, and we can roll mobile..yaaaay

Take care and keep banging out that heat.

Pz Til Later

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2 Responses to “Back To School”

  1. Shaka Pitts says:

    hey u.. the summers almost done and no iceys 🙁
    i see u staying busy..

    anytime u get in a mixing bind.. u know where to holla..

    “you dont need a studio you need an engineer”


  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Lol it’s never to late for iceys…perfect time to set up your interview..! Im going to call you and lock it in…thanks for taking time to comment can’t wait to come through the lab!~ pz til later

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