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Propellerhead Reason: Where To Begin

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 14 - 2008

Happy Thursday to ya…Yesterday I was reminded of the first time I looked at Propellerheads Reason. As soon as I opened it I clicked “X” and went back to Fruityloops fast. Finally someone showed me how to get the thing going. Theres only one way to share that with you, those curious like I was, yet clueless on how to make it work.

The concept of Reason is quite awesome. When you see pictures of Industry Producers studios, you will see racks and racks of equipment which is connected to a huge SSL Mixing panel. The creators of Reason have copied this exact type of set up and placed it into a software program. Using Reason is like using a rack of modules and effects all connected to a mixer as pictured below:

Picture courtesy of TheHawkStudio.Com

Starting with Reason will be like connecting rack mounted hardware equipment. If you have used hardware, you will most likely configure Reason to your liking after a few uses. I will use the easiest automatic connection settings today, but there are hundreds of ways to manually wire the software.
To learn any software always refer to the help file. The help file will explain in depth how to start up. Here is a brief summary of what you will have to manually do for Reason.

Open an Empty Project……

Step 1.Go to “Edit/Preferences” set up your soundcard and control surfaces and keyboard

Go to “edit /preferences” you will see a window pop up with all the major preference options. There is a drop down menu which reads ” General”, “Audio”, “Control Surfaces and Keyboards”, and “Advanced Midi” . Select Audio. Here you will set up your soundcard. This will be different depending on the name of your soundcard, but it should be detected by default.

Set up midi controller surfaces. This is done from the same “preferences” screen

Step 2: Go To “Create” and add a Mixer 14:2

Now you will be adding Virtual Mixers and Sound Modules to the Reason Hardware Interface ( the default gray box when you open Reason) **Be sure to go to “Edit” and select ” Auto Route Devices”***. Keep in mind that you will be adding each device to another device. In this step we will add the “Mixer” to the “Reason Hardware Interface”. Click on the ” Reason Hardware Interface”. This basically tells Reason..” I am connecting something to this”. Go to “Create” and select ” Mixer 14:2″.

Step3: Begin to add Devices
Now begin to add devices. Applying the same step as above, you will tell Reason what you are connecting to and select a device to connect. Click on the “Mixer 14:2″ (This basically tells Reason..” I am connecting something to this”)… Now go to “Create” and add a Device like Redrum or a Sampler.

Continue to add a few Devices, by repeating the step above.I have added NNXT, and Dr. Rex
Click on Mixer, create NNXT. Click on Mixer, Create Dr Rex..

This is the basic start up for those new to Reason.You will begin to add refills and .wavs or other file extensions like aiff etc. next. This is pretty easy once you know which” Reason Devices” use which ” file type”. Each Reason Device will load either Refills and Rex Files, either both or one. Some Reason Devices will load Refills and .wavs/ other files aiff etc. The default Reason Sounbanks are compressed to an RSN file or Reason Refill. Refer to ” Help” to learn what type of file each device will load. Here is a picture of where some file types go to get you started.

There you have it, this should be enough for you to start making beats. With the auto routing everything should be wired, and each module should have a track in the sequencer below the devices.

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later…

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2 Responses to “Propellerhead Reason: Where To Begin”

  1. Roschelle says:

    Ms. Tris,
    you’ve got a really nice blog and seem to know quite a bit about all this music stuff. It’s so neat, crisp and it just flows. You’ve done a superb job here….Kudos 🙂

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Roschelle, Thank you for such a lovely comment, as a fairly new blogger comments like these let me know all is well.
    Big ups on your blog as well…great post to read there for sure. Your site gave me a lot to think about yesterday…I’ll be reading often take care..pz til later

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