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Live Help Instant Message Box

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 7 - 2008

I installed this as a test a few weeks ago. So far it is working out well.

Schedule time for live help, or type a message when you see me online. This is just like aim or yahoo messanger. I’m usually available 9-6pm M-Th
****UPDATE 9-26-08**** Available as scheduled****. (I have been letting producers know through post when I’m available as well as setting up appointments, since I am now back to music as well as blogging, 🙁 had to shorten the live help hours)…
weekdays eastern time. Comment below or email through contact page, and let’s get those beats banging!~ Forum may be coming soon!~

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10 Responses to “Live Help Instant Message Box”

  1. james mcneil says:

    hey, how are you? I don’t know anything but i am willing to learn as much as i can today just to get started

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Heeeyyy James! just hit me up in the im box, the link will take you to it..well maybe I’ll just add it to the post…. and Im good how about you??

  3. Rooky_Beater says:

    Hello MsTris, how are u doing?
    Thanks for the help u were providing me with during summer!..It helped me a lot out!

    I have a little problem with some VST…the “DSK-Akoustik Guitarz”…i have played a melody in it and the thing is, that some times when i ply it, there is no sound!!! and i have to restart FL8 to be able to hear some sound from that VST!..and more, when i export the song( mp3 and wave), i cant find the melody from that VST!! Every other instruments is to hear, but no acoustic guitar…

    Can u possibly help me out with this?…

    Sorry for sending this here, but i didn’t know where to post it…


  4. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey stranger..glad to hear you are still at it and welcome back!

    Hmnn I’m gonna have to fiddle around and get back with you on this one.. What version of fl studio are you using?

  5. Rooky_Beater says:

    hey…sorry my computer was not working for the last few days….
    I am using FL8!….thx

  6. Rooky_Beater says:

    hey i have an idea for a tutorial…if u are interested 😉

    In FL8, there is a (powerfull…from what i have seen…) VST called…SLICEX….do u know how it works?..can u provide me some hints on the basics of this vst?

    Merci beaucoup(is read…bookoo)

  7. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Rooky_Beater

    Yeah that is a great idea..I’m not into slicex yet because I know the slicer so well..maybe I can get this one toward the end of the week..remind if you dont see it by Friday :-)..I’m gonna have to come up with some prizes for suggestions like this..Ty

  8. Ms.Tris says:

    @Rooky about the Guitar vst that I know what Fl Studio you are using I can probably help you n Im on a laptop at the present moment so it will be sometime this week…

  9. Rooky_Beater says:

    thanks alot for taking time for people like me!…
    will be waiting….

  10. Rooky_Beater says:

    Hey hey,….
    was looking on youtube for tutorials about the SLICEX and found this:……hope it will work!

    U think it can help?


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