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How To Market Your Production On Your Local Scene (part1)

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On August - 26 - 2008

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What’s up to all. Producer SBK stopped through and asked some amazing questions on the
How to Make Money For Your Studio Post.
The answers may be valuable to a lot of producers who want to get their music heard.

Here is an excerpt from SBK’s questions:

I noticed that you mentioned I should get my beat copyrighted first. I definitely know how important this aspect is especially in leasing and selling beats. Should I be trying to get every single beat I produce copyrighted as soon as I produce them or should I wait to copyright then when an artist is interested in leasing or purchasing a beat? I know that there is a fee for every time you copyright something and that would seem like a lot of money for each beat or can you send multiple beats in on one form?

Do you think it’s best to use an entertainment attorney for when it’s time to establish terms/producer agreement on beats with artists whether leasing or purchasing?

How do I go about researching what other producers are selling locally? I reside in Chicago which is a big city and it seems like there would be a ton of producers that I would have to research. Should I just go about it by asking the producers personally? I know that online I can just go to the site like Soundclick to see what producers are charging.

I would suggest for producers to copyright beats as a volume. This definitely saves money, and time. I bought a book called “The Music Powers That Be” and it’s filled with information on the business side of music. They have added a great explanation of copyrights which explains things clearly:
MusicPowers Copyrights Article

Entertainment Attorney: If you can afford an entertainment attorney by all means retain one. If not, you can usually pay for the attorney to draw up an agreement for your production needs. There are several agreements online that may serve it’s purpose for new producers. I have included a link to several here:

Production Contract Goldmine
You will have to be clear on your terms of use. Locally this is fine, and you will need a witness when you and the artist sign. For long distance, it gets tricky because who’s to say the artist is actually signing the agreement. I would suggest sending your lease through USPS under the following terms taken from the USPS website


Registered Mail™ : Our most secure service, it provides the maximum security (indemnity coverage up to $25,000). Starts at $10.00.

Restricted Delivery: Delivery to individuals you specify are authorized to receive and sign for the item. $4.30

Return Receipt : Provides recipient’s signature and date/time of delivery. $1.00 Electronic, $2.20 Mail

To do research on the average price producers in your area sell beats? Here is the fun part and the section that will give ideas on how I did my study…. I will continue tomorrow with part 2 and some of the ways I marketed my production locally….

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz TiL Later

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2 Responses to “How To Market Your Production On Your Local Scene (part1)”

  1. Shaka Pitts says:

    get cool with your local internet radio MJ..(matrix jockey) lol.. yes im coining that .. add it to my “quotable list”

    tune in to my radio show every tues and thurs.. 9pm-11pm est

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Thanks..great response and an open invitation to all those producers reading needing some exposure locally and beyond. The Spitters Club has an online radio show I told you about a couple weeks ago…this is definitely a powerful way to get some listeners and connect with emcees…The power of the “Matrix Jockey”, I heard people call Shaka’s show from Texas, Ny, Va etc. so the opportunity is there. Hit up Shaka and listen in, maybe you’ll get some songs in rotation!~
    talk to you real soon Shaka..pz til later

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