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Becoming Friends With My Mpc2500

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On August - 25 - 2008

Good Morning To all.. Hope you had a nice weekend.
Just a little production update….This week it’s all about the beats. I have one site to design tomorrow, but the main focus is some major hard core Eastcoast Hip Hop.

All over the site I’ve done many tutorials on Fl Studio 8 and Reason. I haven’t quite started the mpc2500 tips because I really don’t use it as often as I should. I am finally in the mood ,and today I am preparing for tapping the pads. I bought a larger memory card, 2 gb, and eventually I will add a hard drive.
I will be doing a lot of sample based beats. The first step I am doing is going through some vinyl finding the hot samples to chop. I can’t tell you how to choose samples, but I will tell you I am going through some Soul and R&B songs produced in the seventies. A week ago I went digging and found some treausures…

All of these albums have been sampled heavily. Sometime I just like to challenge myself and see what I can make anyway. I always believe producers will chop samples differently, and that I will be able to make something different than whats been done. After I find the samples, I’ll chop them and make some Mpc programs. I love this software called ” Blue Box”. You can upload your samples and assign it to Mpc pads, then export it as a Mpc Program. Much easier than twisting on the data wheel and chopping inside the Mpc. A brief description:

BlueBox was developed to facilitate creating and editing programs for the Akai MPC1000. This solution automates some of the tedious tasks involved with creating programs using the MPC itself

Download and Homepage For Blue Box

I am not sure if it works for all Mpcs but it works lovely with the Mpc 1000 and 2500…

So I’m off to do some listening and I’ll be posting some updates on my progress through out the week …

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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