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Are You An Organized Producer?

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 5 - 2008

What’s up to all my readers, producers, artist… Last week, I am admitting to the act of being a “cell phone ” shopper. I was running in the dollar store to pick up a sketch pad, (yes finally the graphics shall arrive 🙂 )…. and my cell phone rings. As much as I don’t like folks who hold up lines, or drive slowly because of the cell phone..I was caught by temptation and kept on talking.

I know I’m not talking loud, and I made sure I kept it moving while browsing the aisles. When I arrived in the school supply section, I looked for the pencils first. In the middle of a sentence..(remember I’m still on the phone), I was blown away… A 12 pack of ” Sharpie” permanent markers $1.00 !~ No one could pass up a deal like that. It was my cue that I needed to label some cd’s, and clean up the hard drive soon. I picked up the sharpies, some pencils, and a new sketch pad.

When I arrived home, I emptied my little black bag onto the counter. To my surprise I see that I didn’t have a pack of Sharpies. My “cell phone ” shopper lesson has rendered itself upon me…behold the deal of the day of cell phone shopping:

Can you believe it? A pack of Super “S H O U P I E S” …lesson learned. In my quest to becoming more organized, I will also be more aware of when I use my cell phone.

Today I’m putting my – ahem–“shoupies” to work. I will be labeling cds, and burning all my recent beats to DVDs. I lost a whole hard drive worth of beats once, not fun I assure you. This loss made a difference between my production going on a mix cd or an album. Since then, I’ve become much more attentive to organization. I will share the way I keep things in order….

1. I make several folders for the different genre/styles of beats I create, for example: Dirty South, R&B
East coast, West coast etc.

2. When I start a beat, I immediately name the beat, and create a new folder with same name.

3. Once I begin the foundation, I save the program file in the folder, naming it the same title.

4. When the beat is complete, I separate all the tracks into the folder. I name the tracks the same as
beat. I may have a beat called ” Rick Ross Banger”. I name my files something like RRBanger kick,
RRbanger snare, and so on.

5. I place the beat folder and entire content into appropriate genre/ style folder.

6. When I work with artist, I add a folder with the artist’s name. Once they buy the beat I move the
beat to the artist’s folder.

Since loosing beats from hard drive failure I have added one more important step..

7. BACK UP the beats to DVD and external hard drive. Label the DVDs as I burn them.

Now I can easily find beats, and files when it’s time to mix or burn to cd’s for artist. New producer or vet, be sure to back up often, and most important save often while making your music. Let this little story be a gentle reminder to label and file your music, and *gulp* be courteous with your cell phone use… 🙂

Happy Organizing!
Pz Til Later…

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One Response to “Are You An Organized Producer?”

  1. Kyron Walker says:

    Yo, this is hilarious…..
    I even looked at the pack of “shoupies” before I read the entire blog….and I didnt notice it said that…
    Don’t feel 2 bad…

    Nice post

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