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Pitch Shifting With Fl Studio Granulizer

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 29 - 2008

I ‘m smiling because I had no idea the granulizer could do this … Way to go to Ace Pincter for this great tutorial.

You can pitch shift with a lot of software but I thought this was pretty cool. Check out more of ace’s music:
Ace Pincter’s Main Site

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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One Response to “Pitch Shifting With Fl Studio Granulizer”

  1. Kyron Walker says:

    What’s Good??? Ms. Tris??
    Yo, Just want 2 say I love this page…I just found it yesterday. I really like how the subject matter is diverse and helpful, especially to aspiring music producers.
    As far as this video, I was already subscribed 2 ace pincter’s youtube but I’ve never watched this particular video…
    I appreciate you posting this vid. Fl Studio is so great. At one time, my friend (a frequent Fl user) thought he knew everything there was to know on FL….lol
    If you ask him what the granulizer is,
    HE CAN’T TELL YOU….lol
    My point is FL studio gets so much flack for being a “user-friendly” DAW, and I’m so glad there are other (besides myself, lol) people who feel like it is one of the best DAW’S to use…if not the Best. I feel like it is capable of almost anything music wise,….Well, I don’t wanna ramble on about FL… 🙂
    But, I wanna say is this site is great, and keep up the good work. And Imma check everything out on here, and I’ll keep comin back. I already have bookmarked you.



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