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Life 3: Uplifting Memories

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 23 - 2008

Good morning all, I’ve had a very emotional, and busy last few days. I lost my Aunt Emma from Ny on Sunday morning, and K Swift passed away early Monday morning. Everyone experiences troubled times, it is good in these times to turn to the gifts of the soul.

It may be hard to stay focused when in a place of grief. There are many outlets to ease the pain if we put our attention on them. Remember the good things about your loved one, the fun you had, and moments of joy shared. These are the gifts of the soul. It is a gift to be able to recall positive memories. Find the strength in your heart to think good thoughts. Positive thoughts are like mental armor in the midst of sorrow….I would like to share a little part of my gift with you and anyone who finds this post…….

…..right now, I am remembering a happy time about my uncle, my aunt, and my cousins in NY. I was around 7 yrs old. They would come visit on holidays, and once or twice in the summer. I’d be so excited to see the blue car pull in the drive way. At the end of August is our annual ” family day” at my great grandmothers church. They would arrive in the early a.m. Saturday morning. I could hardly sleep.

My five cousins and I would run down to the corner store and buy “Lance” cookies. The cookies seemed so special to them because they weren’t sold up in Queens, Ny. The cookies came in a long pack. I thought there were about 50 in there! We would run around outside like crazy. It’s funny because my cousins being from NY, called Maryland ” the country”. So there I was “country” ol’ me with all my “city folk ” cousins, eating 50 vanilla cookies…. I am smiling….

Since then..every time I saw a pack of those cookies made me smile at the memories…

I know the gas station near the car wash down on Howard St. sells the lance cookies. They no longer come in the gigantic roll though. Later on today, I’m going to take out my cd filled with a mix from K Swift, and I’m going to ride through the “city”……… playing “Baltimore Club” music… eating my vanilla cookies…….. I am smiling……

Pz Til Later..
Ms.Truth Is Soul

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2 Responses to “Life 3: Uplifting Memories”

  1. juv says:

    my condolences goes out to you & your fam & the fam of k swizz

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Thanks Juv for your sympathy…

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