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Life 2:How My Hiatus Opened Bigger Doors

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 15 - 2008

At the end of working on the set of Season 5 of Hbo’s “The Wire”, I invested in this ^ beginners guitar. It will be a year in October, but I only know a few notes. I had to make the transition back to music from 2 straight years of film work. After a few months reorganizing my lab, connecting all the modules, and hardware to my DAW, I began to study music theory. In April I got the site up and running, and now blogging is a part of my career.

I used to be on my local scene heavy. You could find me at almost every event, battle, and hip hop function weekly. Between 2004 and 2006 I have worked with over 60 artist and my beat game was booming. I was making about 4 or 5 beats daily, and on just about every mixtape or major local cd that came out. Folks locally have been wondering where I’ve been she still doing beats?….Is she still doing film work?… The answer is yes to beats, and no to film work (at least for a while).

I was explaining to Sol Eternity, a long time mentor of mine, that my focus is different than before. I think he was assuming I was giving up from his response. What he didn’t hear is what my site reveals. The Music Industry relies heavily on the internet for survival. Here I am making my mark, I am no longer frantically chasing a place called “The Industry”, I realize that I am in “The Industry”. I am making a decent living doing what I love, right here with people just like me.

What this realization has done, is open doors for more musical freedom. When I was ” a hungry, greedy, starving”… my feet weren’t quite planted on solid ground. Today I feel I am able to create freely,and I have more time with the artist I produce for. I have more time to learn new things about music, and I have more time to teach what I am learning. If I had not done the music hiatus while on film sets, this site would still be under construction, and I would still be on the merry go round of::: beats,studio, shows, sell beats, spend the money at shows, beats, shows, studio,spend money on an outfit for the shows..etc etc… I guess life said “STOP”….and now I am on a much better and more smooth path.

I admit sometimes it still gets a little hectic, but I have time to do the things I planned when I started producing, as well as find a balance with my writing, and visual arts.

One thing I wanted to do, is learn guitar. I plugged in my guitar this morning… and opened up a guitar site I subscribed to, It’s a video journal of Dan’s guitar learning experience. It’s fairly new, but he shares some intricate practice with the world. If you plan to learn, you may want to stop by and check him out.( For all the Fl Slayer players, I mentioned yesterday, in order to really fuel the software it’s best to know a little about guitar.)

Now get this….how did I find Dan’s Journal? We happen to use wordpress themes made by the same designer. I was trouble shooting one day, and found a link to Dan’s site over at JustinTadlock Forums . This is one of those moments in life where I am understanding a bigger picture, and it’s different than what I mentally painted years ago. Here I am fixing my blog theme, and stumbled upon guitar lessons. I will try to explain how it’s all connected…. ..

I am a producer,artist, and now a blogger. An opportunity to work on film sets caused a hiatus from the music scene. My beat hustle slowed down, which led to having time to study theory, now I’m making better beats. My Beat hustle slowed down, and I had time to finish the website, which led to me designing sites, painting, writing, teaching, and enjoying the “quality” of my life. Through the website, I have met professionals in the business of music, which led to a better knowledge of how to really manage my music career. Remember, the whole time I was away from music, I was learning some things about movies and filming.

Basically the whole break, fueled my life. This is a much better place for me than being on a constant beat grind. I think the “quantity” period of my career had it’s time, and served a great purpose for that moment. Now I’m more focused on the quality of not only music, but my whole disposition.

I hope this may shed some light on those longing for a great destination in life. You are on your path right now, this moment,…today. If the out come you seek appears to be out of reach, maybe you ARE reaching it, but wanting it to come before it’s time. If you are on your way and things are slow, keep my hiatus experience in mind, there may be more you need to know before you get there.

Pz Til Later

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  1. Daniel Craig says:

    Hi, I was searching for guitar chops and I happened upon this site. Good work, I’m looking forward to more.

  2. i like what you doing so big up

  3. Kyron Walker says:


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