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Free Chord Progression Chart, and How I Use It

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 24 - 2008

Good morning all..hope everything is going well for you. This Tutorial will be a 2 part series for beginners in music theory
For those of you finding my site for the first time, I do hope you return often,and subscribe by email or rss feed to stay updated. :-). My site is not only a tutorial site, but it’s my personal blog also. I share things that I have learned in the past, as well as what I am learning and beats I’m working on daily.
I am fairly new to proper composition using chord progressions. This is one of the most requested emails I get. I first started learning theory around this time last year. I thought “Okaaay.. I have some chord progressions now what”?…
It takes years to learn composition. Many producers go to college to understand theory. I work with several artist who request “Dirty South” beats. This style of production relies heavily on chords, and drums. So I had to pump up the volume;I had to come up with a system that works for me now.

This is my own little experiment that happens to work. I find that I can remember some progressions easily, and I create compositions that have more movement. There are 6 basic steps. This may get you off and running, but I do suggest a course in theory, and much further study.

1.Start learning basic theory.
2.Have some knowledge of scales.
3.Find some basic chord progressions
4.Practice playing your new progressions
5.Make a melody using a ( meaning one) scale
6.Incorporate your chord progressions to your melody
5.Play some chord progressions
6.Incorporate your melody to your chord progressions

Sounds easy huh? :-)….don’t worry, it will get easier the more you learn, study, and practice..

Let’s start with steps for 1 , 2, 3,and 4..

1.I went to to learn basic theory.

2.I went to to learn some scales

3.I found some progressions using this Free Chart Chord Chart Download PdF

4. I began to practice

The 4 steps above are powerful. Keep the sites book marked, and download the chart. There is enough information there to hold you until the next part of the tutorial tomorrow, and beyond. I know we all want to jump in there and start playing like Mozart, but we all have to practice, practice, practice..

Before I go, I will break it down a little more..

(1) Musictheory.Net

learning some of the beginning lessons,


I learned 1 scale the “F Pentatonic Major”.
(3)ComputerMusic Chord Chart

(4)I practiced playing the F major chord progression from the chart.

Keep in mind that I used the sites and charts interactively. To learn which keys to play to make the
chords on the chart,

I went back to

LookNohands/piano ……

There you have it. Some basic steps I took to begin learning theory and progressions…I am learning so much each day. I have a few books about progressions, and I keep a notebook nearby to write down the progressions I’ve learned. Be patient with yourself..and have fun with your music.

For those who are really serious, I hope you are taking advantage of this gem.

Music Tech.Net

Tomorrow we’ll follow up and move on to steps 5 and 6… until then

Happy Theory Learning To All
Pz Til Later….

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5 Responses to “Free Chord Progression Chart, and How I Use It”

  1. new to production says:

    now thats whats up..big up yoself Ms.Tris

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Wonder where I got this post idea from .. :-)…what it do mayne..hows that beat? email me

  3. Zito on tha boardz says:

    Ms.Tris thank you very much for the gems. Ive been producing music for a long time and although i didnt have schooling musically for it or the equipment that other producers are using i still have a musical ear. Learning how to play piano the way you described i feel can really help alot. It seems that its been a couple years since youve repiled but know that your page is still doing a great help to those that are willing to look for it. Thanks alot

  4. @Zito Thanks so much for your comment. I am glad this technique helps you as much as it has me. I just share what Im learning along the way. I still suggest some proper courses in theory as well. If I can help until then ,I will continue to post more of my little secrets :). I try to respond to all comments. It may seem as if I haven’t in a while. That is only due to readers not commenting on a specific post in a while. The more recent the post , the more recent the comments usually. I do try and answer every one in a timely order…come back often and keep doing the music!

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