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Chord Progressions: Hip Hop

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 3 - 2008

What’s up all, been busy this week with a new project. I’m working on some eastcoast beats and I’m using some chord progressions to make a loop for chopping. Take a look at a nice video from Perpetual Productions. I like the way he explains his use of chords, and plays the beat at the beginning and end…enjoy and practice practice..

More music and videos by Perpetual Productions:
Perpetual Productions Soundclick

Be sure to let him know if something is useful to ya…
Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later~

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4 Responses to “Chord Progressions: Hip Hop”

  1. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Moodstarr Nice video man Thanks!

  2. JohnnyMak says:

    why did you leave out the 2nd and 3rd note of the scale?… i was having trouble making chord progressions with those in it.. but you took them out… so i feel dumb but i just wanted to know if there was a reason?…

  3. @JohnnyMak The video is from another producer :)..He’s making a simple chord progression. I usually explain it as preference. There’s no rule saying you must use every chord in a progression group when composing..I don’t find many songs that use every chord of a progression actually. It’s up to you as the composer which chords you will use. Sometimes less is more sonically…

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