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Vintage Imperial:Postive Song For All The Ladies

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 26 - 2008

Vintage ImperialI was officially done posting today,but I had to come back one more again. AJ Rok Woodson hit me with an interesting email:

This email was inspired by what i saw last night on Hip Hop Vs America on BET.
We are quick to talk about and complain about what’s wrong with hip-hop, about the lyrics and images that are being force fed to out youth, to our young sisters.
We are quick to forward every email about R Kelly, Don Imus and anything else that negative, but rarely do we do anything about it. Conversation is good but its only a start.
I am doin promotions for a Atlanta based rap group called Vintage Imperial, they have a new record called GIRLS ROCK TOO!
Now I challenge everyone, especially my sistahs who are tired or the negative portrayal of females in hip-hop.
Listen to this records, if ya feel it, forward to all your people, post this track on your myspace pages, your blogs, your black planet pages, your websites, put in on ya mp3 player, burn to a cd and play in ya cars, play it for ya daughters and ya sons for that matter
Artists like these don’t receive love for commercial radio and entities like BET and MTV. These records don’t get written about in your major newspapers or magazines like Ebony, Jet, and Essence. So rarely do you know they exist. Today is your chance to change that.
So we are goin to by past the commercial radio stations, BET and other entities that
keep feeding our kids the poison, and go straight to the people. Enuf people feel this and talk about this and post this and play this, the radio must step up to the plate.
While this is not ya traditional way or working a record, traditional ways arent working anymore.

“When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way,

you will command the attention of the world.”

– Dr. George Washington Carver

Now I know this will not single-handedly change the face of hip-hop by itself, but neither does sitting around the water cooler or wherever complaining about it. But until we let the world know these kind of records exist, until we let them know there is real hip hop out there we cant expect people to play or request these songs. So I am on a mission to get the word out by any means necessary and the same way we forward emails with negative news to everyone in our address books, I challenge you to do the same with this email.
help spread the word. Lets stop saying what’s bad and show the world what’s good.
For more information, for drop request for your shows, your interview request
contact AJ Woodson/ Big Mouth Ntertainment at 678-548-9904 or
You want a change, you want to hear something different, show the major corporations that control what you listen to and watch that you want more and
help me spread the word about this track and others like this.

“Girls Rock Too”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Help spread the the song:

Right click then save file as

Girl’s Rock Too (free download)

Vintage Imperial Myspace Page

Have A Blessed Day!!!!!
A.J. Woodson

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