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How To Use Samples In Reason

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 17 - 2008

Last month we learned how to chop samples, today we’ll look at the many ways you can use them in Reason. Propellerheads Recycle is the most popular way to to edit samples for Reason. Recycle allows you to chop the sample, edit the filters, time pitch, and save as a Rex file. Once saved as a Rex file your sample can be loaded into Reasons various samplers, mapped out across your midi keyboard. Here is a short video which demonstrates some of the chopping capabilities of Recycle


If you don’t have Recycle, there are still several ways to add your sample into Reason. Once you have chopped your sample into several small sections, you can use ReDrum. NN19, or NNXT to incorporate the sample into your beat.

Create a Redrum module. Next you will use the 14 channels to load each of your “Chops”. (If you are using more than 14 sample chops/loops, you will need more than one Redrum) You will load each of your chops in the order that you would like to have them mapped. Using your software editor, export your samples into a folder, and load them into the Redrum starting with ” chop 1″ in channel 1 on the ReDrum module. The pictures below show the chops in my a. editor, and the samples/chops loaded into b.Redrum.


The most difficult of the 3 is the NN19 Digital Sampler. Again you’ll follow the same edit, export the chops ,and load them into the NN19. You will have to manually add the keyzones and assign each chop into the region/ keyzone that you prefer. The NN19 help file has a step by step manual on adding Keyzones. In the picture below I show how I added several keyzones, added a few chops, and assigned them to the zones.


This is my favorite Reason Digital Sampler. It has a lot of the same capabilities of the NN19 but it is easier to add the zones and assign samples. Create the NNXT and open the “remote editor” by clicking the small arrow (pictured below)

Now the fun begins. Here you will see a the remote editor ready for all your chops. Move your mouse over the green editing area. Once you get the hang of adding zones, you will come up with a way that is efficient for you. I usually add a zone, adjust the zone, and add the sample. I repeat this for each sample chop. The picture below shows an example of how I start loading the chops.

Adjusting NNXT zones
You can see I have made three zones and shortened each. I have also moved the “Root Key” accordingly. You can refer to your friend, the handy dandy ” Help” file, for in depth instructions, although it’s not hard to do on the NNXT. I will try to give an easy explanation here:
Once you have added a zone, you will notice a tab on each end. You can slide the tabs left and right which will resize the zone. To move the entire zone to a new ” root key”, click in the middle, and move the zone right or left to your desired key.

You notice that NNXT sampler is using the scale of a piano keyboard to map the zones.
You can have a few large zones, or several small zones for adding samples into every note on the NNXT virtual keyboard. To be more precise. You can add a zone, and adjust it’s tabs to the root key of “C1”. Add another zone and adjust the zone to “C#1”, add another and adjust to “D1” and so on up the scale of the keyboard. Next add your chops to each zone, which can be played using your midi controller. Now you can use Reason just like the Mpc, or Asr10 hardware samplers in a digital workspace.

Let me know if you have any questions…

Happy Beat Making To All,
PZ Til Later…

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8 Responses to “How To Use Samples In Reason”

  1. stoner says:

    awesome tutorial 😀

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Thanks much for the comment…come back often and if you have a question about any of the tutorials feel free to ask..Pz Til later

  3. Simon says:

    Hello there.

    I have startet using reason for some electro house production. But i need som vocal samples to spice up my music. But i dont have Recycle, is there another freeware program i can use for chopping up my samples? And what format should they be saved in, in order to use them for any of the sample modules?
    Very nice tutorial though.


  4. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Simon…
    Here is the link to a free editor…save files in .wav format… wavosaur free audio editor post

  5. ray says:

    I just got reason 4 I’m having a problem chopping my samples and how do I asign them to the keys

  6. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Ray… both questions are answered in the tutorial above.. You can use an audio editor like adobe auditon or wavasaur to chop them, and I prefer the nnxt when assigning to keys as mentioned in the post…hope this helps.. holla back soon

  7. Marius says:

    Awesome tutorial! Learning alot from u!
    Just wondering. When i upload the samples in to nn19, the pitch of the chopped pieces will change when I upload them in the different key zones. How do I get the same pitch?


  8. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Marius, you will have to load each chopped piece into its own zone assigning it to one key. if you load a sample in a zone that spreads to more than key on your controller, you will get different pitches of the same sound on each key. You have to adjust the zone to the size of one key on your keyboard/piano roll. Let me know if that helps…

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