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How To Track Out A Beat: Reason 3.0

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 10 - 2008

You have sold your first beat, and the artist ask ” can I get that tracked out?”…what the? O.k. let’s “break” it down so to speak. When you made your beat you used several different sounds and instruments. When an artist wants to record, they will usually want the beats elements separated for better control over the mix. Say the artist is rapping and needs to emphasize a verse, he/she may want to take out everything but the bass line, kick, and snare. This is impossible to do with a stereo mix, so the producer will need to separate each instrument to import into a multi track environment.

Separating the track also allows greater control over the actual master mix of the beat. You will have all your kicks, snares, bass etc. separate so when you add fx to the kick, ONLY THE KICK gets that effect.This process takes extra time, but in order to perfect your mix, you will have to do this in some way or form. Let’s take a look at how this is done on various equipment and software. I will use Reason as the main example today, and continue tomorrow with others like FL Studio 8 and later on this month, the Mpc2500. This is what I am actually doing today for Artist Ogun Oguns (pronounced Ogoon) Myspace Page

Reason 3.0 etc.
(I have only used up to Reason 3.0 so I am not sure if 4.0 has updated this feature)
You have your finished beat loaded into Reason. Next you will need to solo each instrument one at a time, and go to “File: Export Song As Audio File” from main menu. You will see in the picture below, I have pushed “S”(solo) on the Dr Rex Track I am exporting first. Once it highlights to green, all of the other tracks will be muted and the respective “M” (mute) for all other tracks turn red.

I usually save the RSN or data files in the same folder as the beat, and all .wav files. I go to file, ” Export Song As Audio File” and find the data folder I’m saving to.

I name the file for example: “Ogun Joint 3 loop1” and save in the folder. Now I’m off to the next instrument I’d like to export. I push “S” on that track that I’d like to export (for this tutorial NNXT). At this time I have two tracks highlighted.

Now I need to “Mute” the DR. Rex that I’ve already exported. I go back to Dr. Rex and push “S”, this will automatically “Mute” the Dr. Rex Track, and leave the NNXT “S” solo.

I continue to follow what I did in step 1. I select File ” Export Song A Audio” from main menu, find my data folder, name the track and save it. I solo the next track and mute the NNXT I just exported, and repeat same procedure..export song as audio file, rename, save. I have exported all my main instruments to the data folder and named them accordingly ie: Ogun Joint 3 Brass, OgJ3 synth, etc. and now I am ready to export my drums from the REDRUM module. This requires some extra work.
***I will solo my Redrum, THEN, SOLO each Redrum channel**.. then begin to export each instrument*
Solo Redrum

In the picture above I have soloed the REDRUM, in addition, I must Solo each channel I’d like to export one at a time…


You can see in the picture above I have pushed “S” on channel 2 on the Redrum. In this case it is my kick. Now I export that using the previous process.: File ” Export Song As Audio File”, open data folder and save it as “Ogunjoint3 Kick”. I continue to repeat the process until I have exported all my redrum instruments separately. Now I have Artist Ogun’s files separated and ready for a multi track session or to be burned to cd to transport to another studio.

Fl Studio 8 This by far is the easiest software to export files separately because it has a function that automatically does it for you. The thing is, you’ll have to manually tell Fl Studio to send each separate channel to it’s own mixer channel….stay tuned tomorrow for ” How To Track Out A Beat Fl Studio 8″

Happy Beat Making…
Pz Til Later..

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7 Responses to “How To Track Out A Beat: Reason 3.0”

  1. For an even better quality of sound you can record each track into protools. You can treat each track as a vocal, in other words they wont be midi, you can record an audio track and then mix in protools. This makes the tracks sound a lot better. Im gonna make a tutorial about it in the near future.

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Whats up man..let me know when you do your tutorial on it and I’ll promote for sure. I was just talking about this yesterday with producer J Fingaz..He said he does that, he said he records reason from soundcard monitor out into one track on protools and does all the sequencing on the Mpc… lol I’m gonna figure this one out today ….rewire into adobe auditon is blah!~ …
    Thanks for the comment and I love your channel!~please do come back

  3. SBK says:

    This is a great article that I’m glad that I found on your site Ms. Tris. This article is especially great because I am about to starting recording my solo EP project next month and I was told by the engineer that I would have to track out my beats from Reason for multi-tracking during the sessions. I really didn’t know the process of tracking out beats and I didn’t want to have to pay to have it done. Since I’m using Reason 4.0 I think this tutorial will help me out cause it looks the same on Reason 3.0. When exporting the audio should they be wav files for the best quality at 96/24? I just want to make sure that I bring the best quality audio of the beats to the studio for my sessions.

  4. Ms.Tris says:

    honestly I think 48/24 sounds great, unless you have tons of room on your pc 96/24 may be an overload on space…48/24 is a huge file as well , but it works. If you are having an engineer mix it, export without effects and ask him or her which file type they prefer…

  5. maggmuzik says:

    This is a great thing you told us!!! instead of burning the tracked out sounds on cd for the final production, can i email them to the engineer or artist????

  6. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Maggmuzik..thanks for the comments.

    This is actually up to the engineer and artist. The wav files are huge and some email addys wont accept the large files. Most engineers will not want to start from Mp3s due to loss of quality during compression. Another option would be to zip the large files and find an upload spot like megaupload etc..then you could send the artist or engineer the link to the zip file….Hope this helps..stay up and pz til later!~

  7. T-Ray says:

    using reason 3.0, how do i just export the song to my desktop or whereever to burn to a cd, without all the instruments playing at once? i have the sounds sequenced in reason3.0 and it plays fine the but when i export it jumbled all together, but when i export they all play at once… i just want it 2 export so i can hear it in the car etc…

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