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How To Track Out A Beat: Fl Studio 8

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 11 - 2008

Back at it today tracking out a beat from Fl Studio 8. This is a brief 2 part tutorial because Fl Studio has an automatic function that separates the instrument channels. There is one step you will have to manually do. Assign each “sample channel” to its own “Mixer channel”. Unlike Reason, you will do this before you make the beat. In Reason this is done as you add devices once your options are set up properly.

Load up your start up .flp. Next go to first channel,( in this tutorial it’s a kick) left click the channel. The channel settings panel will open.

Go to drop down menu and choose “Assign Free Mixer Channel”. This will automatically place the kick into channel one on the mixer.

Go to next instrument channel and repeat, the next instrument will be assigned to mixer channel 2, and so on. As you add to the sample channels immediately repeat this step and add each to the mixer. To view mixer go to “View” and scroll down to “view Mixer”

You will see that each of your instruments will be assigned it’s very own mixer channel in order. I usually name the channels as I add them to the mixer. Now your instruments are ready for mixing and adding Fx when the time comes.

You have completed your beat and mixed to the best of your ability, now it’s time to export each track separately. Here comes the easy part. Go to the file menu, and select “Export Wave File”.Make a new folder for your beat and instrument wavs, name the file, and push save.

The render panel will open. There are several things you can do here for exporting. I suggest reading the help files to know what all the options are.We will keep it simple and use a universal setting. 16 bit int. This will render your file 44,100 khz and 16 bit int float, a standard setting for most multi track software, or if you need to burn the files straight to cd.

Select wav, split mixer track, and push start. This functions exports each mixer channel that you assigned.

Now when you look in the folder,You will have the Master File, and all instruments you assigned to the mixer channels. All your files will be named properly, and ready for further mixing and recording.

There ya have it…. Reason and Fl Studio users are ready to “Track it out”..Look for the upcoming tracking Tutorial:How to Track Out A Beat: Mpc2500, coming very soon.

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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23 Responses to “How To Track Out A Beat: Fl Studio 8”

  1. Blitz says:

    Ms. Tris, this is a good tutorial but can I do the same with studio 6. In addition, I make my whole beats in patterns and put his sound in the mixer, like 1 sound, 2 sound, claps, drums, hi hats, etc. Cause each pattern I save like “Main Beat” then I scroll down and open a new pattern for Chorus then go to another pattern and put bridge. How do I track that out?, could I do the same way as shown above. I THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN ADVANCE.

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    What’s up to you Blitz,..Yes you can do the same thing with Fl Studio 6..You have to be sure to put each “sampler channel” into the mixer as described in the tutorial in the first step. For example assign your kick to mixer channel one, snare to mixer channel 2 etc. When its time to export, select split mixer tracks… It will do the same, export each mixer track separately ..Hope this helps, and thanks for taking time to comment with your question…pz til later, come back soon !`

  3. L-Don says:

    Thanks for this i just sold some exclusive tracks and a artist wanted the track out now i know how to do it.

  4. Ms.Tris says:

    This is the bizz L-Don I’m glad you found the site,..keep banging out the heat and congrats on the sale!~

    Thanks for commenting..stay up..and Pz til later

  5. KINETIC says:




  6. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Kinetic..thanks for commenting..I am adding your question to todays post…

  7. HoTTorch says:

    an easier way to put each sound into the mixer is to in the step sequencer do you see those lil lights things that are right before the sequncer buttons start? the ones that indicate you are using that sound. right click and hold on it and drag your mouse down to all of the indicaters on all of the channels, in other words all of the lights should be lit up. after u got all of the indicaters lit up go to the mixer right click on channel one and link selected channels>>starting from this track

    WAHLA then continue exporting

    For help

  8. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey HoTTorch..this is a very good tip..I may even have to do a full post on this one :-)..I’ll try this when I get back to work in the morning..Thanks again and I appreciate this ..
    pz til later..

  9. Butch says:

    i just had a question. when i got all my instruments tracked out. do I put them all into the playlist? im just confused on why you track out everything.

  10. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey man..good question..Tracking out is more for mixing purposes. If you really want to get a good mix you will need to mix each instrument separately. Every instrument has its own frequency and sonic space…

    Also the artist may not want the kicks playing the whole time or a melody ya know…like on one part they may suggest just the bassline and a clap. or just a hi hat and a snare..if you have the beat all in one stereo track then the artist can’t make important changes.

    Hope this helps..pz til later

  11. Evan Shaw says:

    whenever i do musical typing the note holds for a long time and it messes up my recording

  12. Butch says:

    ms.tris i need your help. so when i try to start rendering to track my beat out into its own folder a message pops up that says “Couldn’t create the “name of beat”_CLONE file. Please check that no other application is currently using it.”

    well i check and im not using it at all. ive track out before a while ago but now it keeps showing this message. thanks for any help.

  13. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Butch.I still get that all the time. Check your mixer and look at the names of the instruments. Something has the same name there. Its no big problem, just right click and rename one. In your case you probably have 2 names with CLONE in it. You could name one “2nd Clone” and that should fix your problem.

  14. Steenbeck says:

    Hi ms.Tris

    I have a problem. I have assigned all my instruments etc. to the mixer and tracked them out. The problem is, each of the outtracked channels are like 80 mb, eventhough it is only a hi-hat or some other percussion?
    How can i make them smaller ?


  15. Augusto says:

    Thank you so much man!!!!!!
    I was looking for a tutorial exactly like this one!
    I would never have figured this thing out myself, thx!

  16. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Augusto! you are quite welcome…let me know if you need any help with anything else..pz

  17. Barbara says:

    I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

  18. Thanks much @ Barbara .. I’ll keep working hard for all who read

  19. Ben says:

    Hey I use alot of tracks my mixer only has 15 and i have more than 15 .. what do I do to get the rest? Is it possible .. I kno in Reason u can insert another mixer….but in fl u cant..Help…

    And another question…If im gonna save as track out .. wouldnty it b e better not to add no fx when mixin down the track outs… so they can be done by the other person on their daw ?

    Please help me with the first one


  20. Hey Ben.. the mixer has 99 have to slide the slider over to see the rest..look at the mixer in the top left hand corner , right next to the down arrow there is a gray square that looks like it has ll in the middle..slide that to the right :).. (sorry so long to respond but my site was down)

  21. Hey Jay Fl Studio will take mp3 can load into a sampler channel etc…

  22. 2$trykes says:

    I have a question. how come when tracking out, it tracks all 99 channels in the mixer even if it has nothing.

  23. I have been looking for the answer for you @2$trykes…what version are you using?

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