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Free Reverb Vst

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 13 - 2008

A Happy Friday to you, and I hope all is well. Free on Friday sounds like a winner.

Reverberation or reverb, is the acoustic atmosphere of a sound wave. Imagine standing in the center of an empty pool and yelling at the top of your lungs. The sound would bounce off the walls of the pool causing echoes. This series of echoes are the ingredients that make up reverb. In the natural world, there are many things that effect a sounds acoustics / the degree of sound emitted by a transducer. Hardware and software reverb are used to emulate the different acoustic atmospheres electronically.

One of the aspirations of top sound engineers is to reproduce sound that is as close to natural as possible. In major studios, many things are used to effect the sound wave. I am sure you have used, heard or have seen the acoustic foam covering walls in music studios. This helps control the rooms accoustics and reverb.Take away that foam, and the room is similar to the empty pool. The sound would bounce off the walls causing more echoes. The foam actually reduces this amount of echoes by absorbing the sound wave; it effects the reverb.

With the advance of technology, we are able to closely recreate proper acoustical environments for our sounds waves. A lot of times you will see names like ” Hall, chamber, studio, plate, and even bedroom, or basement” as settings for reverb effects. Now you have a better idea of what those settings mean. If I am adding reverb to some plush orchestra strings, I would start with ‘hall’ or ‘chamber’ because this is the most common acoustic environment strings are recorded in. If I want to add reverb to a vocal, I’d probably start with ‘studio’ because…..yup..most vocals are recorded in a studio environment.

Dive deep into manuals when using effects, and you will be sure you are starting at the right place. You’ll have to keep in mind, escpecialy with reverb, you are recreating the acoustic environment. If you are mixing down your BIG Booooooom 808 kick, which is a synthesized sound., you won’t want to add a “chamber” reverb because you may have a “chamber” of a mess. Unless you are going for something extra,most drums would use a preset of plate, short for ‘drum plate”

Click the link to download FreeVerbToo

Head on over to the official site.. let them know you love it. They have some other interesting vst effects for a reasonable price. I’m heading back now to see if I need anything…

Please remember that the freebies may work perfect for you, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” :-)….. but there are tons of high quality effect units and vsts. So save your dollars, read up, and when you are ready…. you’ve practiced with the free effects, so you’ll have a basic foundation when you purchase your top dollar additions.

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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