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Fl Studio 8: Recording With Computer Keyboard

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 25 - 2008

I’m planning on selling my Edirol Md-16 mixer, and I had to disconnect some equipment to do so. My midi controllers are off, and I feel like making some fire…I mean extreme heat to upload here…….
Have no fear Fl Studio is here 😉 …
There is a lot of power in the program, and Fl Studio has a function that allows you to use your typing keyboard as a midi controller.

It’s an easy thing to accomplish if you don’t have an external midi controller or if you are using a laptop. Here are 3 ways to activate this function.

1. Hit ( Ctrl+T) and activate the keyboard

2. Look for the icon of the “Typing Keyboard”, and click the small square to the left to activate the keyboard.

Keyboard Icon

3. Go to options, scroll down to “switches”, activate “Enable MIDI remote control” and ” Typing keyboard to piano”

Go To Options Panel

*–>”Typing Keyboard to Piano” – When selected, your typing keyboard will function as a MIDI (musical) keyboard. Right-click the LED to select the base octave for mapping the keyboard keys.< --this is instructions from Fl help file** See The Typing keyboard to piano in action:Master M.-Making a Dirty South Style Beat on FL Studio 8

There you have it! Pretty cool huh?….
** update: to record what you play you will have to push both the”record(the dot) and play( the triangle)” buttons.**
Happy Beat Making To All…
Pz Til Later~..

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105 Responses to “Fl Studio 8: Recording With Computer Keyboard”

  1. Great article! I’m loving your website.

  2. Young Phlo says:

    great tut !

    i have successfully enabled the “typing keyboard to piano keyboard” option on in fruity loops !

    the only problem i have
    is when i press a different key to get a different note [ie. C4 to D4 (being z to x)]
    instread of getting D4, Fruity Loops plays the next instrument in the sequencer !
    how do i turn that option off ?


  3. Ms.Tris says:

    @Eugenia..I appreciate the love and I am glad you like the site! thanks for taking time to comment..:-)

    @ Young Phlo,,,hmnnn I will have to check this out hands on..check back tomorrow I should be able to help you with the problem..

  4. Minh says:

    Hi Ms.Tris I need to ask a quick question maybe a dumb one also.
    Well I’ve been trying to make a beat with my computer keyboard but when I press the record button and then press play and start typing in my beats and I press the stop button it doesnt show the beats on the piano roll and then when I play the beat I can only hear it until it hits the 2 in the piano roll.

    Well if you know the answer to this question please reply
    Thank you for your help!!.

  5. Minh says:

    Oh,Sorry Ms.Tris to bug you but P2X helped me with that problem and thank you very much because I know you would have responded =]
    Thanks to P2X!!
    and to Ms.Tris for making this tutorial!!

  6. Shane Six says:

    Is there a way to use my PC keyboard to change instruments while playing.Any possible keyboard shortcuts that I’m missing?

  7. mike stevens says:

    Hi,,I can’t seem to be able to put all the fundamental parts of a beat together. Example, on the video about, in the first minute, the adding of bass, snares or highhats, I can’t seem to make a beat out of it, it all sounds out of place and wrong timing. Is there any tutorial for this anywhere. I’ve seen lots of videos and it seems so simple but my beats are not sounding like beats at all..Thanks much.

  8. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Mike ..

    That’s a tough question..but if you continue to watch videos and read through tutorials will begin to learn the basics. Once you start applying the new things you will find putting it all together gets easier.

    I will suggest you start small.. work in 4 bar sections.. that will give you enough room to make a short drum pattern. Play around with a bassline, then add a melody like a piano or synth. Copy that and change the drums a little…This will start you off with an 8 bar loop that you can copy and continue to make additions and changes….

    After you practice this hit me up again and maybe we can do a few live help sessions

  9. Ms.Tris says:

    @young Phlo did you ever figure that out?

  10. Ms.Tris says:

    @Minh …sounds like you need to set your buffers inside Fl studio or your sound card…it’s hard to explain with out the program in front of me I am on a laptop right now…

    You can check the help file ..look for setting up Fl Studio. I can answer this better with the program open..if you dont find it hit me up again

  11. Ms.Tris says:

    @Shane Six..I haven’t found one either..hmmnn I wonder I’ll bet they do have something there..good question..I’ll check around and find out

  12. Ms.Tris says:

    @Minh..hey I just saw your other comment cool ..I’m glad you got it working.. 🙂

  13. LFS says:

    aye man thanks,this really helped me out. ive been trying to figure this thing out for a while now lol

  14. Evan Shaw says:

    Everytime i type on the keyboard the sound continues to play without stopping for a while and i cant type on it fast i can only type the notes in slowly because it will not allow it to be fast

  15. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Evan.. It sound like its a buffer problem.. Before you adjust write down your current buffer settings.Next, go to Options> Audio Settings and adjust your buffer size. This should fix the delay, and allow you to type the notes in faster.

  16. Milky says:

    When I turn on the Typing Keyboard function, only one note on my keyboard activates the sample (letter Z will give me middle C when the range is set to C4). I can’t get it to let me play an entire range of notes. Pressing another button triggers a different sample in the list not a different pitch of the particular sample I’m trying to play across the keyboard.

    Your July 12th comment states that I would be able to press the number 2 through Shift, but pressing the number 2 changes the view of the piano roll. A lot of these buttons activate shortcuts, not notes. Help please?

  17. Milky says:

    This is the solution for my problem:

    Under MIDI settings, Omni Preview MIDI Channel must be set to none. Mine was set to 1 by default. Might be a good idea to add that to your tutorial.

  18. Ms.Tris says:

    @ Milky I am happy you solved your problem. The default for omni preview is — meaning 0..I am happy you noticed it to figure it out.. I will remind all to check that Ty..

    For the second half,the problem with short cuts..did you check and make sure the orange button is selected as in the tutorial?..For me the shortcuts only pop up when thats not selected..

  19. Marcko says:

    hey.. i finally understand the recording … its just once i record it never goes to the piano roll it all ways goes into the edison . and i dnt wont it to do this … can you help me out.

  20. fuiee says:

    hey mr tris im, liking your work rigth here . i tryed all the steps u told me and my flstudio keyboard wen i try it on piano roll it doesnt show up or record

  21. Ms.Tris says:

    Hello Fuiee, did you ever get it to work? It won’t show up on piano roll until after you stop recording.. let me know…

  22. adam says:

    Is there a way to record the piano roll with a mouse?
    I have a stylus with pretty good control, and would rather just hit the piano roll with the cursor instead of using the keyboard. It seems on my keyboard every row is missing 3 or 4 note keys and it’s hard to get used to. 😀

  23. Chreaus says:

    hey Tris, i left a comment on ur youtube video, SUPER helpful tutorial! watching u jam out that piece put some things into place and im glued to my computer with FL all day now 🙂 the only issue i had was after clicking “typing keyboard” icon (i did this b4 i really understood what i was doing) i didnt realize i wouldnt be able to turn the channels on and off with the “1-0” keys while recording… just sent me for a loop for a while because now i can just play it all through once without having to map it out 🙂 thanx very much!!!!!

  24. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Chreaus ..glad the video helped! That’s not me in the video I must add, but it helped me as well 🙂 ..appreciate you taking time to comment

  25. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey adam.. I tried to play the piano roll with mouse a while luck at all lol. If I find a way I’ll let you know in a post.. so far It doesnt work for me either ..
    thanks for commenting take care

  26. Kirsty says:

    Hi..I am trying to record a melody on FL. I did the steps above, but when I record I play it on the keyboard, but when I stop recording nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Also I selected the wrong thing in the message where it asks you were you want to record, and then check the “do not show me again” box. Yea…how do I fix that?

  27. Kirsty says:

    Heyyy!!! Your last post was the day I had my baby! Lol what a day that was.

  28. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Kirsty Congrats on your new bundle of joy!!! 🙂 .. Hmnn .. I assume the selection you made has something to do with it. I will answer the other comments here, then load up Fl to see if I can figure how to help you undo it.. chck bck in a few.. its probably an easy fix..

    **OK ..looks like you can right click on the record button in the control panel. Thats the button with the dot in the middle. After you right click check all three items on the list. Now you should be able to record audio, automation, and scores…let me know if this helps

  29. adam says:

    whats up i was just using the typing keyboard and it was working but when it worked the rest of the comp volume wasnt working. now everything works but the volume on fl audio. the mixer is showing the sound waves but nothing comes out of my speakers. it worked a minute agoo

  30. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Adam did you ever figure out what was going on? What type of soundcard do you have?

  31. Pj says:

    whenever i try to use my keyboard as a piano, it just doesnt happen for me, instead each letter on my keyboard controls a channel in my step sequencer, ive tryed clicking that keyboard to piano button, ive clicked “enable midi remote control” i think ive done just about everything but still theres no change. can anyone help me ?

  32. Yo seem like youve managed to help alot of people well done! but can u help me? im using typing keyboard to trigger the patterns in live mode only prob is i am dealing with large amounts of patterns and theres not enough keys to deal with them all, and changing the bass octave doesnt give me enough range is there a simple octave up/down shortcut like octave up/down on a midi controller? its doing my head in I just dont have the space for a controller! keep up the good work!


  33. elliott says:

    thanks. i just started making beats and i don’t have midi controller and i couldn’t figure out how to record with the keyboard and putting everything in with the mouse is a pain

  34. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Elliot… glad the post helped.. keep at it…the more you learn the better …

  35. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Ed… at first I didn’t understand what you were asking…after reading again I think I know. I’ll have to look further into this one for you. If there is away to assign certain patterns to certain key/letters on the typing keyboard I think your issue will be solved..I’ll check it out and add another reply..

  36. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey P.J….. were you able to get it all working properly? Both “keyboard to piano button” & “enable midi remote control” have to be selected on the drop down menu.

  37. Fred 10000 says:

    HEllo !!!!!!!

    I’m Fred, from Brazil …

    I need to change the keybord from c4 ( when i press the button to use
    the pc keyboard like a piano ) to c3 or c2, to play
    bass and other vst instruments …
    Whats the way to do this ?

    Thanks … Fred

  38. Meezy says:

    Hey I’m stuck on this.. i’ve sorted the pc keyboard out and if i hit buttons i hear the sound..but how can i actually record a melody or tune cuz wen i did recorded i chose everything option n it stil dont let me play a tune with the notes! help plz

  39. P.J says:

    Yep ive tried that, but it still doesnt work for some reason,,

  40. Hey Meezy, try checking your typing keyboard option using the drop down “options” panel. Also be sure “enable” midi remote is checked . Tyr recording in “piano roll” mode.. let me know if this helps

  41. Hey Fred 10000.. you will have to adjust this: ( from Fl Studio Manual) Root Key – The default Root Key is C5. The bright orange rectangle in the ruler above the piano key (C5 in the example above) shows the root key of the channel. Right-click on the ruler above the desired Root Key to change the setting. As each sample has particular pitch, FL Studio needs to know what key should play at the original pitch. All other notes are generated by changing sample’s speed (and so pitch), setting the root key higher will cause a given key to sound lower in pitch. NOTE: You can use this feature to change key of your MIDI controller (with sample based instruments make sure Add to key is also selected, see below).

    Hope this helps..happy music making ..pz

  42. Blanko says:

    hey does this work with edison? because i sampled something and i wanted to use the keyboard as a MIDI but it just changed views for edison. help?

  43. Hey Blanko! I am not at a pc with Fl installed right now. From memory: Save the sample that you chop with edison, then load that file into Fl Slicex or Fl slicer and you can play the samples using the typing keyboard. Edison is more for editing the sample… hope this helps…

  44. Dana says:

    Can you tell me a good software to use to record my fl studio beats and put them on youtube and I am talking about screen shots

  45. Hey Dana .. there a few good free screen recorders. The one I’ve tried is “camstudio”. It’s a good one to start with..

  46. Dem Donuts says:

    Hey. I’m having a problem with recording in FL Studio 8. I’m recording with a normal PC Keyboard. I’ve got “typing keyboard to piano” and “enable MIDI remote control” enabled. Yet, when I press record (whether it’s “Automation & Score” or “everything”) it just puts a very thin line right at the beginning and at the end of the notes I recorded into piano roll, or a full bar from the beginning to the end of the pattern. Any ideas how to solve this?

    I have already tried to solve it by adjusting my buffer, didn’t work. Picking another driver in audio settings didn’t work either.

    You’d be my lifelong hero.

  47. Hey Dem Donuts… The only thing I can think of is adjusting both your snap settings. Sounds like you have them set to ” beat’. Try changing both to 1/4, then adjust to a setting that allow notes to land on piano roll as you wish.
    Here is an image of where you change the settings:
    Snap settingsSnap setting adjustments
    You can even set both to none to see if that works better for you.. let me know..

  48. Dem Donuts says:

    Thank you! It worked. 😀

  49. 🙂 woo hoo @ Dem Donuts .. I’m glad that helped… and p.s. I’m officially your lifelong hero..(just jokin with ya)…

    let me know if you need anything else and thanks much for posting your question…pz

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