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Correct Bpm For HipHop?

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 12 - 2008

Time to make a beat, and you have high aspirations of getting major label placement. You are thinking, ” 50 Cent is gonna love this beat”. You proceed like a mad scientist to that Mpc or fire up Fl Studio. You load up the files and start banging out a hit. You set your tempo to 106 bpms, you’ve got some fast Timbaland style drums going, and 50 is gonna tear this beat up?

Umm..wait how often do you hear 50 cent rapping over fast Timbaland style drums?? Maybe once or twice..hardly ever?….

Tempos in Hip Hop production are very important to the feel you want to get across. If you know in your mind you are doing a “G-unit” type beat, it may be best to know approximate tempos of this style of production. I will give you this as a lil freebie. G-Unit artist 85% percent of the time rap over tempos between 83 and 93. After you get into practice of training your ears and listening for tempo, you’ll begin to notice which tempos certain artist use most. Let’s take a listen to Jay-Z’s

” Show Me What You’ve Got”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

From the early 90’s through now eastcoast hiphop normally stays between tempos of 90 Bpm ( Beats Per Minute) and 100 Bpm’s. For ” Show Me What You’ve Got”, Just Blaze pumped it up a few notches for a high energy hit. If I want to make a beat with this type of energy, I’ll need to know approximate tempos.

Google ” Free BPM Finder” and you will get pages and pages of software. There are many ways to find the tempo. On the Mpc series they’ve include a “tap tempo” button, Fl Studio includes a “detect tempo” parameter. My main choice is the Fl Studio detect tempo. For all my readers I found one that works just as well, but it only loads whole directories. You’ll need to make a folder,put the file in a folder, then open the program. Mix Meister Bpmanlyz Free Download **Click the link to download**.

MixMeisterBPM Analyzer Website. Stop through let them know you love it….

O.K we have a song example in mind, next load the track into your audio editor and chop it to a 4-8 bar loop. Start your loop on a kick that begins a measure/bar. This puts your loop on the 1st beat in the measure. Listen to the sample below to get an idea.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Save your selection as a .wav file, and place in your folder. Open the Bpm Analyzer, load up the folder and up pops the “Approximate” tempo. In the picture below, I show both mix Meister and Fl Studio detections.

That’s basically it. Now we know ” Show Me What You Got” is around 106 and 108 Bpms. This will help with remixes, and beat matching for Dj’s. Special note for all the Crunk producers. The Analyzer will most likely detect the beat at a fast tempo due to the double time snares and hats. For my T.I. spin off beat, I wanted to make something similar to “What You Know,” the tempo was detected at 148 bpms. In actuality T.I is rapping to a 74 Bpm tempo, and only the hi hats are going at 148 bpms. Refer to Dirty South Tutorial” to get a better understanding of how this is done…

Aighty…maybe I’ll make a beat today geared towards the eastcoast ..let’s see how about Papoose what range of tempos does he rap too?….

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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9 Responses to “Correct Bpm For HipHop?”

  1. gammapolaris says:

    Thanks for this tip! I used a winamp plugin to detect BPM but this software is way much better and accurate.

    find and download free VSTs, learn how to make beats!

  2. Kyron Walker says:

    WOW…ive been to many other sites like warbeats and illmuzik etc… and this is beginning to be all of those places into one in my opinion, I mean I know about 50 or so sites just on music production alone and to me this is one of the best ones…This is great I’ve been wanting to know this 4 a while now…most places you go they tell you to just play with tempos and try 2 make songs that are catered to different aritsts that are already established but I think that is a vital key in learing how to do different styles and become versatile and then add your own flavor to it…I by no means wanna make scott storch type of tracks but I would like 2 know how he does it and what his signature is not so I can learn how to make “scott storch beats but so I can gain knowledge on all of the type of musical aspects hip hop utilizes I mean that would b so wack 2 jock his style anyway if it sounded exactly like his style u know …So basically I wanna say I appreciate what you doing here keep it up …

    one luv….

  3. Ms.Tris says:

    Well Hello to you Kyron Walker!~ I want to thank you for taking much time to comment on the post and really go through the site. I am very happy you like it. I agree with you as well about being versatile.

    I tried to describe the site as best as possible, because I am one who loves learning about many things. I also like to use different equipment, and software. When I first started I had some talent, but no idea about the technical side. A few years and many questions later, I am still learning new things. I wanted to share some of the things that have helped me and even the new things I am learning.

    Again I appreciate the comments and the love!~ Stay up..come back often..I’m wrapping up vacation and it’s back to work next week with new tutorials and a lot more….
    pz til later…

  4. David says:


    I appreciate the review but after testing this software I would not recommend it. It failed to correctly give the bpm on a folder of files that I know the bpm on. It only came close twice. The files used for testing where short clips with easy time signature and mostly beats. I suggest you all try it on a folder of known Bpm files before you try to use it in a project. I also hate to think that this is the same thing that is used in MixMeister.

  5. Hey David …thanks for commenting. In the post I clearly show that the bpms are approximate. It’s been working enough for me when I use it, but I never claimed it to be exact. Do you have any that really detect exact bpms? Please share I am sure we would all love it :).. thanks again I really appreciate your input

  6. Cedric says:

    Ms.Tris, how you doing? i would like to say thank you for tips it really helped a lot, I’m an newcomer with hip hop production as far as making my own beats and sampling and I just don’t understand why whenever I make a beat with 85 or 90BPM it sound like I’m about to make a baby making song in FL Studio, I’m a DJ Premier fan and I’m make trying to make beats that has the same tempo as his sometimes it’s frustrating to find the right tempo to bring that boom bap style to my music. Sorry for the long reply. By the way is it too late for me to become a hip hop producer, I’m 28 years deep. Thanks!

  7. Hey Cedric! Man just make music you love as far as you being to old. I think hiphop is the only music genre that will set an age limit..that’s ridiculous as far as production is concerned. A lot of the boombap style beats like Premier’s range from about 89-96 bpm. I suggest listening to alot of his productions. Also when sampling for his style you are usually chopping the sample into very small sections and rearranging to be played like an instrument. This means you can almost make any sample fit to the tempo. Since you are just starting out try to keep the tempo a little above 90…89 88 bpm usually take more sample manipulation…hope this helps…

  8. Ellis Heenan says:

    GlenGlingo9 says: This is better than I thought it be!!

  9. @GlenGlingo yes its very nice I use it often..

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