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Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 7 - 2008

LoL …. Isn’t funny how we become match makers when certain couples get together… I mean entertainers are human and fall in love. Some pop up on the news when they are about to marry after being in a long time relationship. These are people like Toni Braxton, Mary J… they may get a one nighter on shows like TMZ..and America says aaawww that’s so good..She’s/He’s getting married…
Others???… Tabloid paradise. I’m guilty of being in shock a couple times I really know these folks.. I’d be right along with everybody sayin “they just don’t seem like a match”…lol
and the winners are:

Mariah and Nick… :-0

Beyonce and Jay…. I admit they grew on its B-ay Z

Whitney and Bobby

Janet and Jermaine…K they grew on me

The ones who are together.. I’m giving my blessings, and as of today I’m gonna leave any new celebrity couples to be free in love.. 🙂

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