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A Bit Of Hip Hop History…Heavy Rotation Magazine

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 14 - 2008

Man oh Man has it been along time since I’ve heard whats being slated as “Real Hip Hop”. Once you get to know my music you’ll see that I try to stay up with the up. I make all kinds of Hip Hop..Eastcoast, Westcoast, Dirty South, Mid West, Experimental … you name it!.
I stated in “I Was A Sample Queen” that I grew up on classic Hip Hop , the Boom Bap 90’s style, and all the great underground artist of that time. Now being that I’m from the eastcoast and raised on this classic Hip Hop, of course when I got into Dirty South, mnnn let’s just say some may have thought ” She’s sellin out” This is simply not true. A lot of Hip Hop heads seem to have forgotten Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew from back in the day. In my opinion they were some of the key pioneers of Dirty South music. From Florida to Ny they were burning up clubs with the 808 driven porno rap :-). Guess that’s where I acquired a liking for a different style, which would later lead to an equal love of crunk.
“On and on it seems to go…don’t know what you got til it’s gone”… Today stations are playing a majority of crunk/dirty south style tracks. So when I come across some Boom Bap Hip Hop, it’s almost like a “family reunion” type emotion goin on. You know like being reunited with some old friends from school or something.. immediately I’m taken back and find myself turning up the volume…Aaaah scratchin..when is the last time you’ve heard songs with scratchin in it on the radio?
For all the lovers of classic Hip Hop, I met a DJ who still ” picks up the phone up on the request line”…
His name is AJ Rok Woodson. We met on Twitter. I went to his site and found myself listening to almost every mix he had on there. It’s called Heavy Rotation Magazine Radio… So he’s mixing Hip Hop from old to new, and even allows artist to send tracks. NOW keep in mind that his station is Hip Hop..don’t go sendin Crunk and Pop But take a listen and leave comments on the mixes you like. (ga-head click the link, get a mix playing, and read on……….)

We gabbed it up a lil and exchanged some links.. I told him I was gonna put him on blast. He’s got some Hip hop treasures in rotation. Okay so the whole time I’m like I heard that name before AJ Woodson…Hmnnn..where do I know that name from?…..AJ Rok….So I get up this morning and did my Hip Hop homework…come to find out he is the Legendary AJ RoK from JVC Force! I’m honored to write that some of his music is why I fell in love with Hip Hop and became a sample queen….one song that I remember singing over and over from the group was ” Love Line”…..**sings** telephone love..sound so sweet on the line…

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. This is the first ever Hip Hop mixed w/ reggae track in my playlist. JVC Force came out right at the start of the Boom Bap era. Some of their most popular tracks were ” Strong Island”, “Doin Damage”, “Force Field” and more. If you listen to JVC Force you will here classic breaks, scratchin, and just some good ol lyricism.

Here is a complete discographyJVC Force
So AJ thanks for keeping Hip Hop History alive! A personal thanks for the many classics that inspired me…..pz til later

Heavy Rotation Magazine Radio

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3 Responses to “A Bit Of Hip Hop History…Heavy Rotation Magazine”

  1. Ms Tris
    What can I say
    Thank You for spreading some luv and shedding some light on me and my lil radio show.
    Thank You for helping my spread the word and helping keep the name
    JVC FORCE alive.
    Now homegirl left a few thing out, I mentioned I was looking for some more beats to play to talk over during the show and Tris shared one or two joints from her myspace page she created and one I think she made just for me. All I can say is homegirl got it goin on with the beats and if anyone is looking for some really good beats, you need to see Ms Tris. I just told her check out the show and hit me with whatever she thought would be a good fit, and when I checked my email a few hours lata,
    she blessed me with some straight heat.
    Again I truly appreciate the luv and look forward to working or collabrating with you
    on some level. Like I said in the email reply, I feed off the energy of real hip-hop head, with really creative people. And I an just glad God guided you to my page.
    Thank You again.
    Keep doin what you do.
    -AJ ‘AJ ROK’ Woodson
    da professional hip-hop junkie
    Heavy Rotation Magazine Radio
    Saturday Nights 10-midnight on
    The Best Jams (dot) com
    and all shows archived and available for downloading and podcasting on
    Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend
    cause it’s about to go down!!!!!

  2. Hi, just stopped by doing some research for my JVC site. Truly more information than you can imagine on the web. Not quite what i was looking for, but very nice site. Take care.

  3. Thanks much..n I will check out your site also

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