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Basic Piano Chords

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 28 - 2008

48 Basic Piano Chords
Heres a video that goes through some piano chords. It shows the notes on the piano, then shows notes on a score sheet.I watched the whole video 1st. I took out a pen and wrote them down 2nd. Last I pushed pause and played the notes.

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6 Responses to “Basic Piano Chords”

  1. New to production says:

    i’m liking your site..good tips..keep it up

  2. rendezvous says:

    check this video from rendezvous recording session –

  3. Ms.Tris says:

    @rendezvous ..Ty I will check this when I can listen on the monitors.. I am answering comments..but I have session going too..Ty again..

  4. Barani says:

    Hey Ms.tris,
    great site and good style of writing..i had stumbled upon this page when i was looking for a fl tutorial way back and googled you out yet again 🙂

    spent a couple of days with fls8 and experimented with a lot of settings..but i still dont seem to get the song right like its in my head..iam not using any audio samples and iam trying to make a beat from scratch and it would be really helpful if i could get your assistance once a while on gtalk or something (
    Holla back 🙂
    love what you’ve done here!

  5. Barani says:

    * This commented was meant for your fl dirty south tutorial,posted at the wrong page

  6. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Barani yes I do live help..just haven’t had as much time for it lately. I usually have live help sessions on Thursdays from around 11am ESt to about 4pm… sometimes earlier sometimes later. If you see this I’ll be online for help almost all day tomorrow

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