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Thanks Sho-Down!

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On April - 26 - 2008

Aaah finally a blog world that inspires me to make it happen…back in 2002 I joined the website http://www.rapmusic.comIt was wild and crazy on that producer forum ….and I admit that I learned alot from that wild and crazy crew who posted regularly there.
Years passed and a few us of still keep in touch through websites, emails,and newsletters.
I was a newbie beatmaker then, well not so new to the actual music makin, but new to the technical aspects..there were several producers on that forum that were “sho”-win off. Winning beat battles, posting tons of beats.I remember they always knew about something “new” as far as equipment or web happenings.
When I decided to build my website in 2004 ish.. I thought I’d just jump in there and boom! MsTrisMusic.Com would be up and…what a joke..I am still building the site to this date… I decided to blog in 2005…then the opp came to work on film sets…12 hr days? =not much time to write….Sooooo

After about 4 yrs of designing and changing…. grand opening and grand closing…lol last month
I happened to be visiting the site of one of my Rapmusic mentors Sho-Down.
This guy never ceases to amaze me..His beats are great and he was one of the first producers I knew that had a membership website that actually had active members! WHoa!
When I arrived at his site, I was blown away..I loved it. I did some research and here I am today wordpressin on..yaaaaay.. so Thanks to Sho-Down who turned me in the right direction to get my blog life breathing again!~
Check out his site and leave him some comments network network!


Thank again Sho-Down!

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