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I Was A Sample Queen…

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On April - 30 - 2008

I remember a time when Hiphop was a baby. Back then I had already decided that I wanted to be a star. With rap, that dream seemed one I was able to reach. I started rhyming at a young age. I always loved music and now, destiny had touched me on the shoulder.
I spent years writing notebook after notebook. Studying the great female emcees at the time. I practiced, I rhymed , I recorded songs..always striving to reach “The Industry”. That place never arrived the way I expected.
I had a producer who had his own home studio. We were on the way to that ^place. One day he decided that producing rap music wasn’t right for him. I was left without a producer, but I had something even bigger. I had music inside. I realize now; that year, was a turning point in my life.
Making a long story very short, I bought a small keyboard and began to tinker around. Along with every artist, I thought I made the hottest songs ever created by man One day I’m gonna share some of those lil recordings…
HipHop was flourishing as a full fledge genre. I could only play the keyboard by ear,but that never mattered. My favorite producers at the time Dr.Dre, Rza, Pete Rock,& Havoc all used samples. They were my teachers through sound. Almost every producer/beatmaker mimicked their styles until they created their own. I had no idea that it was against the law to sample. I bought an Asr 10 and started collecting material. I started doing what I heard the big producers do, take a song that you like and make a beat.Today I have over 1400

Some of my collection


Once I started to sample it became a lil more than just me making beats.It’s hard to describe, and I’m sure you’ve heard the term ” The Art Of Sampling”. Some will say what kind of art is in stealing other peoples music? I’d have to respond….” Do you think the average 17 yr old knows the laws of copyrights?” Speaking for myself I didn’t understand or know the laws until 5 yrs into my career. When I first heard about copyright infringement, I was told oh it’s okay to use 13 secs…So I sampled on.This was the main way to make Hiphop for many many years.

Sampling became not only the way I make beats, but it became a lifestyle. One of the main goals? Find the obscure music that nobody had, and flip it totally different. It was on!… like a ball player in a championship game…. the adrenaline started pumpin when ever I’d go looking for samples. I’d be in peoples basements all dusty, moving cobwebs to get to a box of dirty vinyl. I’d go to flea markets and yard sales..on the hunt for some imported soul music that I knew no other beatmaker used yet. Every pay day I’d spend about 50 bucks on samples. So a few years in and producers who sample are on this team of players all trying to get the trophy. Imagine this: I found the hottest sample ever , at least in my mind. I take a loop of that and chop it into several pieces. I load that into the Asr10 and it becomes my instrument. I am now rearranging chords to different progressions, I am making something new out of something old..breathing life into a great piece of music that would have probably stayed in a dusty corner forever…that rush can’t be put into words! Growing up on this style of Hiphop, mainly from the boom bap 90’s, you grow to love this style.
Around 2004 HipHop production began to change. Not only was the RIAA starting to crack down on the laws, but Crunk/Dirty South type music became a huge part of mainstream HipHop.The way beats were created started to change. Today sampling is still used, but it’s very costly to get samples cleared. I personally think it’s cool as long as the producer/label gets permission before making money off the sampled material. In order to get permisson or sample clearance, you have to send a copy of the song to who ever holds the copyrights, and settle on how they will be paid. So my friends producers who sample aren’t all ” stealing other peoples music”..It is an art that musicians who play in bands etc. may never understand. This art has saved many lives through music, allowing beatmakers to express and emcees to be heard.
I remember when emcees used to say ” I don’t like keyboard beats”..meaning they didn’t like composed tracks but would rather have a sample based track. Now they are asking” can you make one of those organ type joints”…lol . As my career grew and I learned more, I started to do the” keyboard” beats more. Intuition was guiding me I guess, because today 90 percent of mainstream music is ” non – sample based”.

So how does Bmore’s sample queen get to a place in music where she doesn’t have to rely on samples? This will be one of the most important parts of my site. I hope it will help other sampling producers to expand their ability to create music.

For the past mmnn maybe 7 months, I have been studying music theory. I am one who will always stand up for my roots in sampling. I am also one who will stand up and say composing is a whole new world. Just knowing a little about the principles of music has made composing a lot easier. I’ve started at the very basics and working my way up to chord progressions. This first link is a great place for beginners like me. It’s an interactive site that has tons of lessons in music theory.
Music Theory Lessons
I will suggest spending a short time there 3 or four times a week. Don’t try doing to much too fast. I am using a midi controller and the motif rack grand piano when I practice. Now not only am I pretty good at sampling, I am creating my own samples..yaaay. If you are a musician who just thought” What’s the point in that?”… the point is HipHop..that head nodding boom bap style..The type of HipHop that can only be acheived by manipulating a chopped sample, or re-arranging a loop. If You like to read you can find several books on theory in my store

Books On Music

……So here I am ..One of Bmore’s sample queens …studying chord progressions and theory. I haven’t given up on Hiphop because sample beats aren’t as popular. I am just goin with change..change is definitely good…it’s important to know the principles..knowing principles of music helps you understand the language of musical expression. So even if you are 100% sample based, knowing a few principles will only enhance your ability to arrange samples in new exciting ways. It also gives you a lane to create when you don’t have a crate to dig through, or can’t get a sample cleared. Chord Progressions are free for all musicians to use ..just like the letters in the alphabet…
For those who already know about theory and progressions… I found a cool progression maker this morning …this is Niiiice!

Chord Progression Maker

Producers and Beat Makers… keep bangin out that heat…pz til later

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  1. mislaidlaw says:

    This is a great blog

  2. Daniel Craig says:

    Hey, I was looking around for a while searching for beginners guitar lessons and I happened upon this site and your post regarding Sample Queen… | MsTrisMusic.Com, I will definitely this to my beginners guitar lessons bookmarks!

  3. moodstarrr says:

    Almost my story…even the asr-10.
    Go on!

  4. Ms.Tris says:

    Thats Hot moodstarr! we have much in common..stay in touch and thanks for the comments

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